QOTW nominations

After Dub in Tipp’s fantastic, researched, insightful and superbly worded post aimed at Spewan, I would like to use this standard of post to re-start an old gem from the old site. Well done DIT, absolutely deserved the nomination this week, and hard to see it beaten this year, never mind month or week!


Well done! Great idea. Though will be hard to ever top DIT post directed at spewan.

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Genuinely might not have the time to coordinate this (really haven’t had that chance to post here much either!) and am not a Mod, so may I politely suggest that we just appoint a person to even do a QOTMonth last day of every month or QOTW if someone has the time?? I personally feel that we need to recognise the ilk of post like DIT’s was!

Let DCR run it!, said nobody ever.

smiley face.


Ha! :smile:

Well done tipp & Rockey for restarting this, maybe it will entice more if the auld crowed back :skull_and_crossbones:

I never even offered @_TL so some other numpty can run it :rofl::rofl:

we should let Bart do it



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This beauty tonight!

A peach surely worthy of the 7 day crown?