QOTW. The return

I nominate this

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@Harrys_Tiles reply to @DUB09 about BoJo’s arrival in Dublin


I think I’m washing my hair that night :joy:

Amazing how it’s impossible to maintain an imaginary online relationship alive and well without people jumping to all kind of conclusions !

Those people are just a shower of bastards…

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@dcr22B in the replay match thread


It’s going to take something very special this week to beat @Damothedub story about his trip to dogs trust.

I’d say we will get a few beauties in the next 48 hours nothing like a bit of nerves to get the artistic juices flowing

You’re still winning

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Got lost in that thread just there… I was going to save my Al type post for a pre All Ireland night rant, but I’m burned out now!

All day I’ve been hyped up to the gills about tomorrow’s game, however 2 posts today brought a laugh, smile and perspective to me, firstly the laugh from the post from Damothedub I literally cried laughing I showed Mrs MD who had same reaction and those who have parked outside the rotunda understand the pain of those parking meters. The second and more important post was from @LiamMac, if anyone has to ever experience even 1 hour in St Johns ward in Crumlin hospital they’ll will be aware how valuable Aoibheanns pink tie is, One of the most uniquely Irish things about us is that regardless of who wins tomorrow night the winning team will bring Sam back to Crumlin to try bring some happiness and joy into the lives of people who are literally going through hell.


That post itself is a contender for QOTW. Well said Mick. Might see you over the next few days. Up the Dubs!

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@MickeyDonovan Gets my vote for QOTW. Cheers pal.

Got to be this one from @Rochey for me!!!

This beauty:

Actual LOL moment!


From Proud Dub this beauty since I was given the quote I happily pass on the torch for this piece of sparkle :sparkle:

Kevin was also not handed an intact squad who won the All Ireland the year before he took over. Gavin was. Heffo literally is the alchemist who magic’d up gold dust from nothing & has been sprinkling it over us from above ever since.

Take a bow

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Nominating this piece of historical quality!

This is the best post I’ve read on here since… Well, Citeog’s last post! ^^^