QOTW. The return

Good stuff… hard to separate those two contenders. Both succulent.

I nominate you, @Rochey, as the instigator, to judge this week’s winner, having read the opinions of others. Then, maybe the winner gets to judge the following week, and so on?

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Then the award must go to @Damothedub! Class. Congrats Damo, this is quite the honour!


Truly honored,honestly didn’t think anyone read my ramblings, well gauntlets be set down let’s see some crackers

Nice quote! You now enter the hall of legends.

@Iomaint on Leo’s take down of BoJo


What’s the prize, a pint with DUB09?

What would first prize be then?

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A pint with @Dublingal Dub09 better half.


I nominate this

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@Harrys_Tiles reply to @DUB09 about BoJo’s arrival in Dublin


I think I’m washing my hair that night :joy:

Amazing how it’s impossible to maintain an imaginary online relationship alive and well without people jumping to all kind of conclusions !

Those people are just a shower of bastards…

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@dcr22B in the replay match thread


It’s going to take something very special this week to beat @Damothedub story about his trip to dogs trust.

I’d say we will get a few beauties in the next 48 hours nothing like a bit of nerves to get the artistic juices flowing

You’re still winning

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Got lost in that thread just there… I was going to save my Al type post for a pre All Ireland night rant, but I’m burned out now!