Quick! Turn that fe#</ng off!

i have a rule when driving the car and listening to the radio about certain things, people, subjects. i can’t stand to listen to one second of it and i switch as quickly as possible. i don’t listen to any Radio Station in particular but if certain things come in the radio. bang it’s off and i say ‘shut up ya pox bottle’. the people who do the most damage to my ears…

  1. rory mcilroy fake accent.
  2. rugby discussions from anybody
  3. Adele
  4. regina doherty
  5. turbridy
  6. westlife

any one of those is like water boarding torture to me.


Ruth Coppinger, Mannix Flynn,


Deirdre O’Kane ads


I can only really listen to lyric fm for much of the time. Marty Whelan in the morning is inoffensive. Most of RTE radio is beyond my capacity to cope
from the shrill Mary Wilson to Kurmuck O h-Eadhradhghdh on Drivetime. I like Sarah McInerney but he ruins it. Then Brindin O Kannor for the weekend? No thanks. I’d love to get an app so I could listen to channels from out fordden in the car, if such were available?


Ryan Tubrity.

Can’t watch him. Used to be able to listen to him - he’s very generous with his coverage of the literary world and doesn’t shy away from “good” but difficult novels.

However, he is simply so fake, I can’t take him. In the final days of Lillies, I was able to observe him up close weekend after weekend in The Library. His real chain-smoking, hard-drinking self is nothing like the image he has so successfully curated for himself. He also certainly has an eye for the ladies, and isn’t remotely shy about it, once amongst his own. (To be 100% clear, I am absolutely NOT implying anything remotely untoward or sinister. It was just odd to see him hitting on the ladies so blatantly week after week because it was so at odds with his public image.)

This isn’t just my opinion. I know quite a lot of people in Media PR, and Tubbers is not well liked at all because of the huge contrast between his public image and the real man. You mention the guy and the first words they use is “so fake”.

He defo has charisma though and genuinely struts about like Mick Jagger. Seriously. Has to be seen to be believed.

Anyway - he’s the guy I immediately switch off on tv or the radio.


… yerra but is that not typical Irish begrudgery? By all means, dislike his performances (instant switch off for me as well) but of course, his public persona is different from his real life, no one could be that much of a sap. He’s geared towards grannies not the likes of us.

All true. But I think the dislike for him, particularly in PR circles etc, is because his public image is SO “lovely guy, friend of grannies and lonely empty-nest housewives”. And he’s nothing like that in reality.

I think the contrast is too jarring for people to accept or trust - especially for people who work in his sphere.

I personally don’t begrudge him. I’d even offer a defence of the money he earns.

But I don’t like him. I don’t trust him. In fact, to be blunt, he creeps me out.

Take other similar media figures - Pat kenny, the late Gerry Ryan, Matt Cooper etc and sure, in reality they are a bit different than their public image - but not that much different.

With Tubbers, it’s chalk and cheese.


I’m no fan of Ciara Kelly but she ripped Coppinger a new one this morning over the Woman’s Council’s refusal, and they’re non political allegedly, to exclude government speakers from a rally they’re organising.

Coppinger is a total waste of space. Another one who voted against and then ran for the Seanad when she was fucked off the Dail gravy train.

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Miriam O’Callaghan
People talking about themselves and their problems.

The only Irish radio I’ll listen to is Marty Whelan. The rest is just one long moan and whingefest.

Heard that one Al. Coppinger was so bad and one dimensional it was hilarious.

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A good few years ago, we had an au pair who was in school with Tubs au pair. They used to come to our house to hang out because he was such a dick and himself and the misses were always rowing. The au pair mentioned it was because he was always coming home pissed up.

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turbridy for me personifies all that is bad in RTE. fake, narcissistic and indulged. me me me.


I believe she is back teaching. Jaysus…,

Marty on Lyric is fine. I like Shay Byrne, Ronan Collins and John Creedon for the music.

My “Quick turn that f*#<{ng off!” moments are reserved for, but not limited to Joe Duffy and Ray Darcy.


Radio goes off as soon as the first note of the liveline jingle.


She is. And she would have had us all at home for most of the last two years if she had her way. She posts regularly on a militant offspring of the ASTI’s Facebook page. Absolutely embarrassing

More like a mutant offspring

Joanne Cantwell.

Can’t stomach her at the best of times. But have hardly watched the Sunday Game since their post match analysis of the AI Semi final of 2020


Mary Lou with her “1 second between each word” way of public speaking…jayzus

Ronan Keating, there is just no excuse for him being on the radio at all


That Malteser ad “just a snog” with the two nurses at the table “and he spun me around”. Gives me the ick as the kids would say.