Recommend a movie / documentary

This sounds all wrong!!

I sat through The Right Stuff no bother, that was about 3 hours . This , I could not . Different opinions, all fair .

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No. Reread your comment!!

I was referring to my post , not Alan’s.

Loved it. De Niro, The Man, that is all.

Also loved Brannagh’s Hamlet, which is four hours!

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Ok , finished it off . I must have not been in the form to sit through this the other night . Have to say it was very good . In a nice role reversal Pesci calls the shots over DeNiro in a film which was novel . Pacino was excellent , I heard a funny thing where he’s basically just mirroring his mannerisms in Scent of a Woman . And of course Bobby . Tough & sad at the same time . I could see awards heading it’s way but more for sentimental reasons .Like those honoury Oscars handed out for service paid .

There’s a short documentary after it on netflix with the three stars & Scorsese To be a fly on the wall there .

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Watched Goodfellas recently after seeing The Irishman and it must be best soundtrack to a movie.


Saw Knives Out, quite enjoyable with a great cast. Basically a fun whodunnit.


Good shout but Forrest Gump wins it for me.
(Of course, The Mission wins hands down for best original soundtrack).

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Mission is excellent. As is all ennios stuff.

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Maurice Jarre composition for the building the barn scene in Witness is my favourite piece of cinematic score.

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Almost as memorable as Kelly McGillis getting her Amish milkers…
I’ll leave it at that.


Black 47 got you outraged ,?? The nightingale will take it to a whole new level.

Black 47 was terrific. Looking forward to seeing the nightingale. Love Aussie movies , the outback ones especially . Sweet country , Rabbit proof fence, mystery rd , wake in fright, all great movies .


Watched Episode 1 of this last night :grinning:

Very enjoyable so far.


Kirk Douglas reaches the grand old age of 103 today

I never met so many stupid people in one day.

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No Country For Old Men on TG4 now.

Sue-poib flick.

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