Ref courses

Anybody know when the ref courses begin?
Looking to start. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

All on here:

The adult one will probably take place in January

Apologies if this is elsewhere on the website but i’m just wondering can someone point me in the right direction. Ive already done the adult referee course but i’m looking to find out when the juvenile referee course is done.

I’ve looked online but cant seem to find anything.

Thanks in advance

PM me and I’ll send you on a list of courses been ran between now and the end of the year

If you have done the adult course there is no need to do the CCC2 course. You can ref U13 to U16 games without doing that course.

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Oh right ok i wasnt aware of that. Is the same contact in regards getting considered for these games?

No. Damian Murphy. Will pm you contact details now.

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Thanks very much!

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Has the course that was supposed to take place in November been kicked out to the new year?

New course starting in January, details on dublin gaa website, for anyone interested!