Ref telling mentor or support to get out of the ground

I have been at 2 games as of late where the the Ref told a mentor to leave the ground and in the 2nd game told a support to leave the ground. i am open to been wrong on this but as far as i know the ref can only ask a mentor to leave a playing area and not the ground and can’t tell a support to leave the ground. Yes can take there names and report nut that as far as he can go.

Correct. You cannot be thrown off the premises if it’s private. But you must remove yourself to another area to the ref’s satisfaction. Public parks bring their own set of problems.

Mind you, it’s worth remembering that the ref can just abandon the game and it’ll likely be awarded against the team of the mentor or supporter. So probably best to do what you’re told. Or better keep you’re mouth shut!


What were they doing to get such a ridiculous request from the ref?

As @alanoc refers.

Cant tell him/her to leave stadium/park. But nuclear option of threatening to abandon game and put the full responsibility of the supporter/mentor on the team management in charge usually gets it sorted quite quick.

to be fair with some refs it doesn’t take a lot for them to react. Some of the worst abuse I see is at juvenile level where go games refs are afraid to blow their whistle and mentors and parents go ape over their son or daughter getting mauled. No wonder they never last more than a year or two in general. The courses should be more game based and involve the kids learning to use the whistle as that can be difficult as stupid as it sounds.

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I give the Go Games Course and we spend more time on how to be a good ref as opposed to ramming the rules down their throats. We encourage all new refs to not be afraid to blow their whistle and to report any abuse at all even if from their own club. They do a practical before they start actual reffing where we highlight areas they do well in as well as areas they need to improve on. A lot of the dropouts after a year or 2 are usually due to getting a part time job on a Saturday when they turn 15.


Parents at juvenile games don’t get me started , ten times worse than any adult game and the kid in the middle getting 20 quid , I’ve never seen a ref order someone out without just cause OWN club included , not to say anyone else experience is incorrect

Imo the really good refs block out calls from the line / crowd . Where does this stop ? Can Gough throw out Kerry fans if they shout at him ?

100% agree parents at juvenile games are the worse, I am no saint myself at my kids games but some of the stuff I have heard at games would make you cringe. Some mentors too need to look at themselves with what they are encouraging young players to do, I’ve spoken to a fair few over the years about what has been said.

Good to hear marys man re style of course presented. I only have first hand experience with ladies side as my daughter did course this year. They have it right with only allowing refs over 16 as they can accept some verbals more that and 14 yr old can.
However a 2 hour course was all that they had with no real match time and were sent to the pitches to ref with no feedback or direction.
The camoige was even worse. The presenter was talking about doing senior county rules and decisions and kids left the room confused and with zero knowledge of go games not even a handout. But were allowed ref straight away again but the jersey they paid for was not available. Baffling stuff.
I think the refs course needs to have a session on a pitch with real time feedback from players and presenter for them to actually benefit and get confidence. Takes longer but would have huge benefits accruing from it

The last level 1 go games course did include pitch time on the last day. You had to do this practical piece before completing the course.

But there should be no verbals directed at a referee regardless of age end of, at 14 years of age a level 1 ref qualifies them to ref u8, 9,10. What is so important to parents that requires them to shout at a referee at a match for 8 year olds ??.

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That is a given but as long as day follows night it will happen. Why do supporters scream at a ref in croker will it ever get him to change his mind … no but they / we still do

Rule is they can be sent 10mtrs from playing area, but, as was said above, threat from Ref to abandon game will make people move.

There shouldn’t be verbals at that age but there is,quite seldom I’ve found but does happen.As long as the ref knows the rules and explains the decisions to the kid they should be fine

Not sure they’re is a distance specification other than “immediate playing area”

Was told 10mtrs by two Refs.

As i said. “Immediate playing area” is the rule. 10mtrs might be the throw away comment of a suitable distace.

What did you do?