Ref telling mentor or support to get out of the ground

Sorry I’ll rephrase that. I asked two independent Refs what was the ruling… :joy: :joy:

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2 games i was adults i must say i felt both refs where very weak. i game there was only 7 mins gone and the mentor said ‘’ no way ref that was never a free’’ and over he came and send him out of the ground. latter found out he has send 4 people out of the park in his last 4 games. would make you think

2nd game was a Support who was in my view again ask to leave for not much. ‘’ be fear or don’t do it at all ‘’ i think comments like the above come with the roll and you have to roll with it and be think skinned

my big point on this is that if they had got a lift with one of the players and was to leave the ground and something was to happen (knock down or have a heart attack and no one around to help) I do think the ref would have something the answer ???

Being sick, getting knocked or anything else for that matter has nothing to do with ref.

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Majority of the refs that ask someone to leave the grounds are on a power trip . You can be sure the same refs are doing it regularly. Comes to the point where the question has to be asked of some refs are they the problem ?
There the same kind of ref that demand umpires then ignore them !

Absolutely. That’s a crazy suggestion.

While some refs can be the problem I’ve rarely seen any ‘ejection’ that was unjustified. But there are a couple of refs whose trigger finger is far too quick.

Vast majority I’ve seen are due to refs responding .(in some cases saying much worse )
As I say good refs block it out .

Now here’s a crazy suggestion, but maybe, just maybe, don’t shout ridiculous abuse at lads just doing their best and they’ll have no reason to send anyone away from the pitch, how about that?

I reffed go games when I was 18/19, mainly cos I actually enjoyed being a ref, but I lost count of the amount of eejits I had to pull aside and remind they were A) shouting at 9 year olds or B) shouting at an 18 year old who was reffing 9 year olds.

Funnily enough, more often than not they thanked me for the reminder and apologised.

We’ve had this discussion a million times and we’ll have it a million times again, but in my opinion it is really time the GAA started to come down and come down hard on the abuse of referees because honestly some of the stuff I’ve seen refs deal with is borderline scary.


No defined distance!

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Very sensible post

Our eldest reffed for a short while when he was a teenager. It just wasn’t worth the hassle for us. Either myself or his Dad had to stay around to collect him as he got such abuse on occasion that we were unhappy about leaving him at it. It wasn’t worth the €20. He got a part time job in the local supermarket instead. It was a lot easier.

Gway you’re not old enough to have a child reffing go games!!!


I wish I wasn’t

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What are you after?


Clayts, is that you ??


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@Dublingal you hit the nail on the head, it s not worth the hassle in the end for either the ref or their parents, young whistlers being subjected to unfortunate experiences. I know of a instance of a young referee in tears at half time at an u11 game!!!.

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Spectator abuse can be atrocious at club games including juvenile
Many clubs put their head in the sand but the culture would be best addressed at the club level


My eldest reffed at the leinster go games u10 blitz yesterday and said it was a good fun day until the last match she did when the mentors were going nuts on sideline. Thankfully she is a mature enough 16yr old so went over and explained that she was aware of the rules but choose not to apply them all so as to allow the girls play a little flowing football and not keep stopping the game for frees. They calmed a bit but could have an impact on a quiet or impressionable girl starting out.


Long time reader first time poster. Have to agree with a lot of the above about the state of juvenile games. I started reffing underage when I was 16 back in 2014 and the level of vitriol directed to refs is getting worse. The constant badgering from the sidelines can be relentless especially when you’re underage and learning your trade. When I was 20 after one particular game a manager threatened to knock me into next week.

I’ve started with the adult games this season and find it far more enjoyable as there’s less shite overall which is due to the lack of parents. For sure there is still badgering from the players and sidelines but once you stand up to them and keep firm they generally keep quiet.


I’m on about adult games i was at not ccc1 or 2 games