Refereeing Standards

Watching the Roscommon county final. The referee is taking ineptitude and cluelessness to previously unseen levels. I have literally no idea what he is doing. And no advantage at all. Shocking stuff.

Yeah but is he “letting the game flow”? :dizzy_face:

He’s not. He has no idea how to ref the game. Never mind let it flow!

Eoin Kelly gets on top of Ballygunner full back. Throws a few digs. Pulls his helmet off. Draws blood. Result? Two yellow cards.

Sweet Jesus!!!

How that lad is allowed to referee let alone referee a county final. Completely lost control of game. Doesn’t say much for referees in Roscommon. A Padraig Peases player dragged down by 2 players and get free given against him was the best.

There was some very poor and overly fussy refereeing in today’s inter semi final too, for both sides!

Michael Murphy gets away with a lot cynical stuff. Tackles Kilcoo player with closed fist. Lands about 3 punches and not even spoken too. Glenswilly got away with a lot dangerous tackles due to frustration losing. The failure of referee to implement yellow/black just because team is losing is annoying. A card was finally produced when Kilcco player stretchered off in injury time from a dangerous elbow and Glenswilly player red carded.

Red yesterday in SHC Final did not send off a player for a clear strike of the hurl. He did in a championship game last year despite it being a less serious incident.

Inconsistency is the bane of the GAA fan.

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