Referees Report

How long do you normally have to wait for a Referees Report to arrive with your club secretary regarding sending off? Have any been received since last weeks championship fixtures?

Could be a couple of weeks. If it regards a player red carded then he’s out of the next game as a minimum whether or not the club has the ref’s report. If you feels it’s an urgent case contact CCC for advice.

And a referees report is Gospel.

True, even when full of contradictions and lies…

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Wasting your time appealing. I should know :slightly_frowning_face:

Fake news.

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I would be worried if this is true. Read the report properly and then read the rules.

Sadly it is true, I have read the report and subsequent clarifications numerous times, and the claims made in it are false.

We were told by at the outset an appeal hearing that the contents of the referees report are taken “as gospel” in the absence of video evidence, notwithstanding eyewitness reports to the contrary and the numerous inconsistencies contained in the various iterations of the referees report & subsequent clarifications. The appeal was not in respect of the application of a rule, it was in respect of the events occurring in the first instance.

Sounds juicy.

I’ve been a very angry witness to what some referees have said in their match reports. In particular, a clown from Fingallians (no, not him) and he’s not even from there in the first place… He just uses them as his home club!!! And they despise him… Anyway…

He accused us of having a Keeper so many yards off his line, but the inadmissible photos from the official photographer show he was on his line… And did this three times on re-takes. What a pure and utter C you next T. He used his relatives as umpires. Sometimes, you get what you deserve, he’s reffed f*** all since…

He never will. A little hitler. A Napoleon syndrome clown!!!

Anyway, don’t get me started on that other clown from St. Marys!


Fully expect a reprimand for this. Although not naming anyone should keep me safe! :blush:

You on the sauce last night Rochey?

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Remember it well.

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