What are the opinions? We have players, mentors, match officials & spectators all here. A conversation is needed about the GAA’s campaign.

I’ll believe it when I see it. I’ve been involved in juvenile administration in one way or another for twenty years now and nothing much has changed.

Conversation my arse. Vicious and unmerciful penalties for offenders is the only way forward.


I’ll give my view.

Assault: life ban. Which the GAA should plan a method of enforcing if needed.

The GAA need to divide it into categories


: threatening: EG ‘I’ll be waiting for you in the Carpark
Abusive’ you brain dead cnut’
Insulting: ‘you haven’t a fcuking clue

26 weeks minimum.


Mentor/player challenging authority of match official. Team can receive X amount of yellows for this per season, regardless of competition.

Report every time the ball is brought up 13m and over 5 times in a competition, club is fined

It has to be categorised.


Take out as many variables as possible.
Some players won’t care about 26week bans etc but if the clubs realise that certain players and supporters are gonna potentially cost them a fortune then they simply won’t allow them be members - problems radically reduced.

Mouthing from a player = free immediately on the edge of the semi circle of opposition.

Harsh? If we want rid of dissent from players it’s not harsh and everyone will cop on. There will be murder in first few months but everyone will cop on and management will realise very quick the players costing them frees from arguing.

This went to a vote at congress a few years back regards moving the ball up 30metres for mouthing and it was beaten hands down, every county knows it’s a problem yet all voted against it. :thinking:

Player sent off for straight red? min €500 fine to club per player and fine is lodged into referee development fund
Appealed and win? Fine rescinded.
Appealed and lose, fine doubled.
*Club has to pay the fine first before it can be appealed.

Physical abuse of match official?
min €5k fine to club and entire team is removed from whatever comp they are playing in. If it’s a league match - automatic relegation.

I’m sure I’ll think of more. Clubs will be terrified of the financial penalties and will make changes very fast.


One thing is the appeals. There should be one. And only one. Right now there can be as many as three.

The GAA is obsessed with the idea of justice. But these are not court cases. The very idea of the DRA is absolutely laughable.

One hearing. And if it fails the penalty is automatically doubled. That would cut down on an awful lot of pointless appeals

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All the posts above have hit the nail on the head. The only campaign that is needed is a clampdown on the offenders and support referees. A referee day is all and good but no use having it as one day at the end of a season when most players are not playing.

  • Abondon games when abuse & dissent is too much.
  • Suspensions for offenders on & off the pitch.
  • Large fines for clubs which go increase in multiples as there is more offenders from either the one game or over a season.
    – Game 1 Player 1 €500, Game 1 Player 2 €1000 Game 1 Player 3 €2000 - €3500 in total fine
    – Game 2 fine starting at €2000 based on previous fines.
  • Base the appeals as @alanoc has said.

I remember a rule being put to congress a number of years ago to move the ball 30m forward for any dissent. It was voted against by congress. While I know new rules need to be voted by congress but stuff like this needs to be auto passed if we are serious about clamping down. How can a game a physical as Rugby be able to do it but we can’t.


Jaysus I would have spent a good bit on the sidelines if this was in in my playing days :rofl:


From watching today’s games in PP abuse aimed towards referees and officials as bad as ever . Really disappointing


It’ll take more than a marketing campaign, for certain.

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There’s an adult referee course coming up, 2 nights. 25/1 & 1/2. Anyone interested please DM me. As it’s said ‘if you think you can do better!’ Thanks👍🏻