Regrading 2017

Are the forms available yet?

When is the deadline?


If I played in the Senior B championship championship last year but did not play in the Senior championship proper do I need to regrade? Is the B championship counted for these purposes?

hard to say actually. UCD were able to give a walkover in the Senior B champo technically without being relegated from the Senior championship so there’s an argument to say they’re separate competitions

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In football you don’t need to re-grade if you didn’t play in the SFC proper if you grade was Intermediate. If your grade was senior but didn’t play in SFC proper you still need to re-grade but that application will be passed.

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You sure on that?
As far as I know the regrading only goes back 1 year, which means the 2 below contradict themselves…

What is the closing date for regrades?

It says the 21st of January on the form but the 23rd of January in the text of the e-mail so I would err on the side of caution and have any applications in by the 21st.

Any regrading decisions issued does anyone know?

Mid to late March the last 2 years

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Just wondering if anyone knows the answer to this…

If a player was to sign for a new club abroad (New York/London/Australia/whatever) and then come home during the same season, is he eligible to transfer back to his original club in Ireland and play that season?


Im pretty sure you can yes. I did it years ago from an Australian club and it was overnight job. Might have changed now though

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B championships are seen as shields therefore no regrade is needed