Regrading 2022

Apologies if covered elsewhere but could not find it . Does anyone know where I can get the regrading forms for 2022? Not online as far as I can see and no response from county board . I don’t want to use template for 2021 as they will be dk’d as admin error . Any help much appreciated .


They havnt been sent out to club secretaries yet, I’d say it ll be sometime this week

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Is it still a rule or was it ever a rule that if you play any amount of minutes in a final you cannot be regraded for the following season?

This question probably comes up every year but I’m not very familiar with the regrading process. If you didn’t play championship at all in 2021 are you eligible to play at any championship level in 2022, or are you automatically regraded only down to the next team within your club, or it doesn’t matter and you still have to apply to be regraded?

Never heard of that before tbh. Definitely isn’t a rule now I don’t think.

They are a month late actually, sent dec 6th last year

If you didn’t play in 2021 you have no grade so can play at any level in 2022


We got our forms 2 weeks ago from our Club Secretary, maybe double check with yours, they should have it

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You are correct. The regrading forms were sent to our Club Secretary on December 6th 2021 (which is now last year).

I thought I was told dec 6th for previous year. Cheers

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If you regrade from senior status to junior for championship, are you still able to play division 3 league Football?

Yeah, both competitions are seperate entities

Lad would anyone have the regrade form handy and PM me please?

If a player played Senior B in 2020 and did not play anything in 2021 did they still have to regrade for the 2022 intermediate or is your grade solely based on the previous calendar year?

Has the period been & gone for 2023 does anyone know?

Yeah think it was up to 31st January

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Deadline was 31st of January

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