Regrading Query

Dunno if this is the right place or not apologies if it aint. Niece is going back to play after 2 years out injured, going to play for the lowest team in the club but has been told she needs a regrade as she played within the last 3 years. Is that right? A regrade required to drop one team after such a long time out doesnt seem right. I know with men its different but assumed LGFA would be the same.

I’m a player so not 100percent of the in and outs of regrading so a manager or club personnel may have best advice but I’m fairly certain its 2 years. After 2 years out I’d have assumed the player can choose to regrade herself if she hasn’t played at all within those 2 years with the first team. If player has played within those years though then the player has to fill out a regrading form to go to county board to be regraded. That was my understanding but as said I may be incorrect on time frames.

It’s 3 years.
And the regrades have been done for the year .