Does anybody know where could I get a list of the regradings this year? Apologies if they are somewhere on this forum.! :grinning:

Your club secretary will have them

Quick question on regrading, I know that anyone looking to be regraded for championship has to apply to the County board in the next week or two, but what is the procedure for regrading for league football, or is there any?

There’s no regrading required for league

Thanks. Thought as much but wanted to be sure.

So people can play any level they wish for league ?

I think there might be an initial squad input for each league team and if you’re named on one squad, you can’t play lower than that. that used to be the case the last few years anyway

From memory, you can play 3 league at higher level and still play lower level, but, if you play a 4th you have to stay at higher level ie if you play more than 3 games at Senior you cannot revert back to Inter/Junior.

As mentioned by @Maxi88, only if you are not part of the original panel named or formed by the higher team.

Here is the CCC Rules on it.

  1. Where a club has teams competing in more than one adult or minor division or has more than one team in the same division a panel of twenty players for each team except the lowest grade must be submitted to the CCC before the team plays their second game in the league. That list shall contain the names of at least ten players who participated in their Club’s first game of the league which the list applies to. Where a team fails to submit a panel CCC shall consider the first twenty players to be used in a league to be that team’s panel. These panels shall be made available to a club on written request from a club Secretary. A player may only play for one team in the same League Division – Penalty; Team -Loss of match on objection, Player – 4 Weeks Suspension. CCC shall have the authority to allow a player on a list supplied to drop to a lower level if in the opinion of CCC that player is unable to resume at his original level due to an injury etc.

  2. No player on such panel shall be eligible to play on another team in the same division or in a lower division. Penalty – Team – Loss of match to opponents on objection. Player – 4 weeks suspension.
    For the purposes of these Regulations any league which is played in two or more sections shall be considered to be the same league division.

  3. A player may not play in any lower league division if he has played in more than three games in any higher league division(s) in the same season. Penalty – Team – Loss of match to opponents on objection. Player – 4 weeks suspension.

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What’s the rule the regrading if you haven’t played in 3/4 years.

My understanding is that you still need to be regraded, would that be correct ?

Yes correct as you are still graded at your last played level.


That’s what I was thinking as I couldn’t find a certain players regrade :wink:

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Regrading is based on your status of the previous year. If you didn’t play in the previous year regrading is not required

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Cheers but is there a rule anywhere actually on that somewhere as I can’t seem to find it

I always thought you didn’t need to regrade unless you played the previous year too. But the rule I can find is not clear at all…

This bit is a bit confusing. No mention of the same year, or subsequent years, and also only calls out Junior!
That’s from the ccc regulations, maybe there is something in the GAA official guide?

As I said above my understanding of it is you are graded at the grade you last played, regardless of how long ago it is. This sitting out a year to play at a lower grade is a myth.

Can regrading be done online by the player or does it have to be done by the club?

On the dotted line?

The regrading application is for championship only and has to be requested by the individual. This has to be done on the official application form.

League status is done through the submission of the 20 man panels which have to be submitted to the CCC prior to the start of second round of league games.

Does anyone have a link for the regrading form? I can see transfer forms on the Dublin gaa page but not the regrading one.