Remote Working (here to stay?)

Discuss folks! I’m for it long term.


I hate WFH but I live 10 minutes from the office so I’m probably the wrong person to ask.


110% happy to work from home forever - only thing I miss is the social interaction in the office and the sly pints after work. I am saving 2 hours commute each day and definitely working longer hours than if I were in the office (not that I mind as my commute is now as long as it takes me to get downstairs).


Loving it as-well. Don’t care about interaction in the office. I’m saving between 4-5 hours a day commuting door to door.

I chat a lot more to colleagues now on teams than I did in office. I hope this is the long term option for me.


Flexible working is the way forward. 100% working from home is not for everyone, even if it their employer or nature of their work enables it. Agree that the commuting for some is a big issue but the face-to-face interaction with work colleagues or wherever you might buy your lunchtime sandwich, etc is vital for the mental well-being for a lot of people.


You need to meet my colleagues! :sunglasses: only messing. Yes ideally a blended approach or a choice to work from home and maybe come into office 1 or 2 times a month would be ideal. The commuting was killing me, physically and mentally. I’ve never felt better in myself and am enjoying my job to be honest for the first time in years.


Im lucky in that WFH suits me perfectly - I’d gladly do it forever with quarterly “team” get togethers


I was doing 2 days at home and 3 in the office before all of this. 3 hours commute over & back per day and a cost of approx €400/500 on diesel and tolls. Certainly don’t miss the commute or the cost but I would like to go back to the way I was rather than 5 days at home.

My role is all about interaction with developers in my company. Previously you could sit together face to face and use the whiteboards around the office to draw up solutions. Now it is a little slower even through there is tools to mimic the whiteboards.

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I’ve been working from home for about 5 years now. Would hate to ever have to go back to an office. I’ve documented my reasons why here many times. Inconsiderate people int he office the main reason. I’m actually on a call right now with one of the biggest offenders. Does the snort through his nose all day at his desk. Hasn’t done it yet on this call, maybe he’s changed

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Are you doing UX? If so I can see why you would you need to be an office. Im on the other end designing. I 'm happy to get my brief, get a quick team talk in and off I go.

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System Architecture. Some UX design comes our way but not alot as we are heavingly involved at the start of projects and designing their integration and what they should/can use/do.

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Can you hop on to my next call at 1.30 whatever :wink:


Was I the only one who subconsciously did a nose snort as I was reading this?

I’ve been WFH since mid March, having being in an office 9-5.30 for the previous 30 plus years!

I don’t miss the commute at all (90 mins each way) but do miss the face to face social interaction. Don’t ever want to go back to the office full time, a few days a month would do me fine!

Think blended work is the way to go.

Probably a lot depends on your circumstances though.

Young people, say just graduated, really benefit from hands-on training and the social interaction. Even going for a drink on a Friday after work etc.

Whereas if you’re older with kids, maybe have the office space at home - it’s great. And it saves on diesel.

Talking of which - spare a thought for cross-border smugglers. It’s been a tough, tough year.


Companies, particularly those with bigger offices, might benefit from a WFH/Office spilt, by being able to rent smaller floor/office space, paying smaller rates bills, fuel, etc.
I am wondering if there’s any possible implications for home insurance policies. If you’re there more often during the day time, you’re less likely to be burgled. But then the coonts that are insurance companies will start charging you part-time commercial rates.
I think the time is up for office management companies like “We Work”. How they were surviving pre-Covid was beyond me. Absolutely no chance now, in my opinion.

As for the technicalities…

You’d think employers will still be responsible for carrying out risk assessments such as display screen equipment.

And from a tax perspective…you should be able to claim for a portion of your utility and stationary bills.

I’m working from home. Ironing, washing, hovering, dusting. Only messing. That’s not my job.

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There that as well. A lot more cleaning needed wfh.

I work in the field so I’m moving about all day which is what I like. I used to work in an office and hated it. The idea of working from home where you see nobody all day is a soul destroying idea for me and something I would never do.

I’ve friends working from home and they seem to like the idea of 3 days in office and rest at home. Another friends is working full time at home and only sees the wife all week :see_no_evil:


A blend is probably the way to go , best of both worlds. My other half is delighted to be doing a few days a week from home. His job necessitates some site work but other than that he’s on the phone and laptop and just as productive as usual, getting his runs and and walks in earlier . Win-Win
I’ve no option but to go and face the kiddos every day in school, a lot easier than trying to do it from home , March- June was a nightmare.