Renaming Croke Park / Parnell Park

I fully understand that it is sacrilegious to even mention this but I’m interested in peoples opinions on this one…

I notice that a number of grounds have been renamed over the years for commercial reasons such as…

TEG Cusack Park, Mullingar, Westmeath
Innovate Wexford Park, Wexford
Elverys McHale Park, Castlebar
Avantcard Pairc Sean Mac Diarmada, Leitrim
Glennon Brothers Pearse Park, Longford

Would any of you agree to a similar name change to either Croke Park or Parnell Park? If so…How much?

For the record, I wouldn’t like to see either ground being renamed for ANY amount of money.


Trump Parnell Park


Jim Gavin Park

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Budweiser Pepsi Tampax Viagra Croke Park - Oh hell no ! Not for all the money in the world. Some names/brands are just too precious & that is one of them.

Parnell Park - knock yourselves out lads. Wouldn’t bother me all that much if it were changed, whether filthy lucre is involved or not. Don’t think Dubs have the same emotional connection to the name Parnell Park as we do to the name Croke Park.

Wouldn’t mind seeing it be re-named after a Dub though…Heffo, Jim Gavin, Cluxton, aul Mr Brennan etc etc

I’m quite happy for our home ground to be called after an immoral Anglo-Irish Protestant landowner from Wicklow. At some point in the future it should be renamed after the other Parnell’s most famous son … [Stephen] Cluxton Park

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Maybe we could rename both of them Arnotts Park after all the money they stumped up for Dublin in the lean years!

Bad bad timing when they stopped the sponsorship deal.

How about Kettle Costello Park?

Them 2 bucko’s did come up with the Blue Wave, did they not?

Parnell park is etched in my head. We can’t allow that to go. NEVER!

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Mayoman Iomaint Croke Park


No. If anything it should be Anal O’Connor park…


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Ya big hairy feminist lesbian!

What? I am that immature!

Don’t worry about that place.

Lads are talking about our Home pitch, you know the one on Jones Road :wink:

I thought our new centre of excellence at the spawell was our home ground?

You mean “Coca Cola Park”?

Where culchies go to die…

“Croker or nowhere” Park

The Parnell Mooney Park.


I remember during the rebuilding of Croker the tickets for the Cusack read “the New Stand”

No thanks.

Time to stop trying to make money off everything. Too many suits in Croke Park lacking the soul of he organization.