Repeal the 8th - Poll

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Not sure if people will be interested in this.

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Hope it’s a resounding yes

A difficult issue, an emotive one too, on one level I believe it’s an issue for women to decide, but on another I’ve issues with how abortion is considered in other states and wouldn’t like some of those practices here. But I think the 8th amendment needs to be removed and I’ll be voting to do so.

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If the 8th is repealed where are they going to carry out abortions ??? Cant see hospitals being able to cope with demand so will we have family planning clinics from UK opening here offering their services ???

Repeal the 8th would give politicians the authority to draft legislation !! Hands up who would trust those muppets to deal with anything ???


The last referendum as emotive and contentious as this was the Divorce Referendum in 95 and the legislation enacted after that has proved rock solid (if unnecessarily drawn out IMO) in court. If your conscience directs you towards voting no, go ahead, but there are no rational grounds for believing this will end up a legislative mess, it already is one and anything would be an improvement.

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Divorce - Wait 5 years after separation before this can happen !!! Rock solid !!

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In complete contrast to every other aspect of their lives they chose to take a very liberal interpretation of the GAAs own vision.

I mean it’s rock solid in the sense that it’s not subject to repeated legal challenges. I totally agree that the timeframe taken to complete a divorce in this country is ridiculous but that is unfortunately by design.

Yeah ! Designed by muppets and you would let them decide something huge like this

Is that your sole reason for voting no or are you anti abortion?

You do realise the current legislation around abortion (and all other legislation) was also written by muppets as you term them? Are you rejecting all laws of the state as invalid on those grounds?

The differing interpretations of the implications of the eight amendment on other rights of the individual meant a Nigerian man who had no other valid legal right to remain in the country was recently able to successfully appeal in the High Court against deportation on the grounds that his unborn child would be denied family rights. The Supreme Court partially upheld that verdict while overturning other aspects of it, testament to its ambiguity. That’s not to mention the various challenges and two referendums we’ve needed to try to clarify what scenarios the original wording was intended to cover. It’s plainly an ill-considered, badly worded amendment that needs removal.

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Thank you for proving my point :thinking:

So is that your only reason for voting no or have you any other?

Many,but would prefer to keep them private

Fair enough. I would personally classify your current public reason as particularly flimsy and not really showing much trust in women to make their own choice based upon the proposed legislation.

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Never mentioned anywhere that I don’t trust women. Correct me if I am wrong but we live in a democratic society. Everybody is allowed to have an opinion and and vote whatever way they decide,man of woman.

Debate is good.

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