REQUEST: All Ireland Final 2019 Replay Programme

Hi everyone,

Just looking through all my Five In A Row stuff and completely forgot that I didn’t buy a programme for the replay.

Anyone got a spare that I would be obviously willing to pay for?

Pretty sure I do, will look later

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Cheers @Rochey

I’ve spun a mail off to the printers of the programme to see what they have (they have worked alongside the FIL so hope they might come up trumps as well)

I’m fairly sure I could source one for you in Kerry if that don’t work out…


They might have one on this page.

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No chance of getting any in Kerry. That was all they got that day…unless they kept their train tickets

At least they weren’t throwing them at Lane this year.

Send me a DM with your phone number as I was walking out I took 4 with me so have one if you want


That’s a relief.
I’m happy not to have to ask

Glad too, I found mine and my ticket. My daughter had scribbled all over it with a sharpie marker. :roll_eyes:

Sell her…

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No one would buy her!!! :slight_smile:

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Got sorted, a very big thanks to @Kinghenry :grin:


You wouldn’t mind returning my copy that you took on your way out whilst you’re at it :wink: ?

Did you get sorted with a programme ?

I did indeed

Did you

Yes, all set.