Res Dubs.... in another life!

I find this online thing intriguing. We converse daily with people that we do not know, apart from their online personae. I love the site and while I know a few posters in the real world, most are just online characters, whom I do not know. This thread is meant to be totally complimentary in nature and is concerned with what the amazing Ressers could have done/been, in another life, as you see it!

@Tayto, if you think it is a bad idea, shut it by all means… but only meant to be a bit of fun! So here goes:

Guy Incognito: Jon Snow (brilliant reporter)
Dub 09: Heaney (wordsmith)
Stato: Jimmy Magee!
JJF: Power City (IT expert!)… I’ll come back to this
Tayto: Dr. Brian Cox (follee the science!)
Roman: Ernest Hemingway (travels, burdz etc!)
…so far!


Dry January is over anyway … :blush:

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@Iomaint - Henry Kissinger


The German lad that negotiated a ceasefire in Vietnam? I’ll take that Dub, and thank you sir!


I’d venture that Roman is about as far from Hemingway as possible to be. Other than good with words & burds!


Tayto… Mr Potato Head. (soz, @Tayto!!)


Wow. See you in a month @beeko :+1:


More Walter Mitty😉

I distinctly remember a poster done up of ressers by a fellow good looking poster a number of years ago.

Now that was a classic!!

Absolutely correct @5AliveOh . As you all but said, I am incomparable.

To even get close to the essence what I am, would involve a preternatural combination of a Holy Trinty involving the acidic intellectual dexterity of Truman Capote with the mores, customs and premium luxuries of Jay McInerney with a sprinkling of Bret Easton Ellis added just for a bite of chi-chi spice.

In other words, only Roman is Roman - past, present and future; in this life and any other.




Ok. If I’ve to hazard a wild guess…

Iomaint: local Dublin councillor. Wrath of FG bigwigs.

Rufus: diplomat with his measured posts (or else an orchard owner)

LondonJack: cantankerous civil servant

Tayto: must be a skilled negotiator with his patience. Or just a vending machine salesman.

Dub09: wealthy golf club owner.

Stato: computer programmer / lover of spreadsheets.

JJF: skilled photoshopper who hasn’t twigged on to how to use his skills for counterfeiting.

ProudDub: closet Meath supporter. Or more probably a nurse you don’t look sympathy from. Or a softy.

Mayoman: farmer.

Can’t think of anymore.


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Correct! I’m hoping to get the Ryder Cup here in 2031.

When you head for Omagh after the Ballygawley roundabout there’s a bit of a yard a good bit on (near the pizza place I think) that looks like it could be a hotspot for activity. I always wonder if Daller owns it when I pass.

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That’s the A5 Diner / filling station ! Has a yard behind it too.

Right across from McCanns pizza.

You always see a few dubs there on their way home.

Ps we used to live nearby. My plans for a toll bridge never made it past the application stage.


Tell them I said to change their name to McCannelloni Pizza. Business will treble.

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McCannizza Pizza wouldn’t be able to meet demand

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That sounds far too cosmopolitan for b’gawley.

Besides….fancy Italian words don’t sound the same with a Tyrone twang.