ResDubs Culinary Delights

Smoked salmon and brown bread, moules mariniere, and seafood paella on the menu for tomorrow night. Any lovers of Iberian cuisine care to share any favoured little twists for the paella.

I assume you’re throwing some chorizzo into the paella? A bit of rabbit meat is always good, too.

Paella turned out well. Whacked a great lump of chorizo in, alright. No rabbit to hand, alas.

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FX Buckley in Moore Street regularly have rabbit for sale.

Looked like a great spread Joxer, fair play. Ever think of trying to get into a restaurant kitchen?

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It was a Lebanese kitchen tonight. A first culinary endeavour for me - bazella w riz & khubz arabi.

It doesn’t look anything particularly extravagant, but (if I do say so myself) the burst and blend of flavour was fantastic.

I look forward to further experimentations.

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Thanks Harper.
It was well received (as is your compliment).
Despite having KPed very well for long enough as a teenager, I move too slowly to work in a functioning restaurant kitchen - although I would love to have the cookers and tools to use in my own home. When it comes to cooking, I’m Paulie from Goodfellas.

Looks amazing. I really envy people who enjoy the process of actually preparing good eats…the planning, the preparation, the slicing, the dicing, the measuring etc etc

Jaysus Joxer that’s some spread - fair play! Was in Beirut 6 months ago and never realised til then how much they are into their food. They are Italian like! We had one particularly memorable buffet where the dishes kept coming and the pride on the servers was obvious. And they were damn tasty!

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Jammy git. I really want to go to Lebanon, amongst many other places. What brought you there?

Bit of work - just in and out. Pretty chaotic place - nice people. Great wealth there but a lot of poverty too.

Russell Peters, a Canadian stand-up comedian, tells a funny story of how Beirut is a party town.

Great band an all.

If any of you foodies watch No Reservations, the Beirut episode is absolutely outstanding.

Roasted pumpkin soup, lots of ginger and garlic added… Deeelish.

Reports on the new restaurant on Washington Street , Cork. Rachel Allens new place ,are not good and not getting better . Two mates of mine went last month (on different nights ) and last night the Higher Authority’s work group/dept went there . Way too pricey and quality not good . Bit of research reveals it’s owned by Paul Montgomery of Reardens and the lovely Rachel has ‘associated’ her name with the place .

haven’t tried it yet, didn’t it only open up mid-march? i’d give any new place a few weeks to sort things out.

Normally true Tayto but first impressions last too. If you get off to a bad start in the restaurant game it can be very hard to recover

One of the mates that went is in the drinks business and sees his share of foodie haunts . He was not impressed at all, felt that some dishes were well off the mark in standard expected - that’s the printable version . Not a fussy guy at all , v down to earth. Montgomery has deep pockets so it may well come right .

Cafe Paradiso still good down there?
Great veggie spot.