ResDubs Culinary Delights

Eat Greek just off Hanlon’s Corner still savage. In here now having a Mythos beer while they plate up me takeaway. All their pita wraps have chips in them.


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It’s the bees knees , the cats pyjamas , the dogs …

Great spot

Agreed. One of my favorite spots in cork. Couple of ex paradiso chefs bought pilgrim in roscarberry, try it if you are down that way dub, like paradiso but with meat.

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What’s The Long Valley like nowadays?

Hasn’t changed much. Decent for a quiet pint. would prefer the HiBee (hibernian Bar) across the way.

Uptown grill don’t know if it’s still there a favourite of mine in the 90s, lambs liver chips and peas washed down with a pint of milk and pot tea never equaled


Jeeze can nobody make a Fastbuck these days …

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Full list right at end of article in link

That’s gas.

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Barred !!