ResDubs Retro; All Ireland Football Final 1976, Dublin v Kerry

The 1976 Final (full match) has been newly added to You Tube.


Brilliant - thanks for the info

Good stuff. Think was probably the first ever Dubs game at all that I saw

John McCarthy had a great game. Not an ounce of regard for his personal safety. He threw himself into everything. Hard enough to get a free in this game. Many robust challenges and loads of off the ball shite.


Johnner and Anton were my favourite players back then. Johnner never looked that big but was wiry and hard as nails … James didn’t lick it from the stones as they say.


From my recollection, both John McCarthy and John Egan (Kerry) would each put their body where you wouldn’t send your mother-in-law in order to get a goal, especially McCarthy.

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