Reservoir Dubs Match Tracker

Hey lads, with DMT retiring, and it seems no one is taking over the role. I think it’s a brilliant service that will be badly missed.

I was wondering if we could get a few people together to offer a similar kind of service, we could take it in turns to cover games. Even with a few contributors we might not be able to cover as many games as Dave did.

Would anyone be interested? Any ideas? I don’t think we’d need to cover high profile games but could cover the harder to see / get to games?

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We wouldn’t necessarily need to cover on Twitter, we could just cover scores in here, maybe take it in turns to cover matches you’re at or whatever.

Haven’t really thought it through, so open to ideas.

Clearly. :grin:

Great idea. Lots of lads here are involved with their clubs and are at games.

Could we use the Ressers twitter?

We could yeah. I might need up upgrade the account to a business account to have different people login and tweet on there

think he uses an app to update the scores when at the game.

Set it up like Dave did, get one lad from each club to text you the results and then post them here in a match day thread?

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Is that what he did?

We could definitely do that, or we could organize someone from each club to post results on here maybe?

It’s the live score updates that were really handy/helpful but would be good to have results coming in alright

We could organize a couple of people to try next weekend. I can do the games on YouTube if someone else would like to try another game.

I’ve asked Dave if we can adopt the DMT account but if he doesn’t want to hand it over we can try the resdubs one, I’ll look into upgrading it tomrrow.

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If you could get the lad who runs the Trinity College one we’d be flying.


He’s hilarious

This is the app?

… or maybe this …

For Club results Dave used to have a contact in each Club, as far as I know there’s a contact list for all Adult Teams, if we could split them out amongst us, contact a few each.
Or take a Club each, get all Adult Teams to send results directly to one ResDub contact, who could update Social Media platforms.

Nearly every club in Dublin have used Dave at some stage, I’m sure they’d have no problem sending results.

Rónán Mac Lochlainn always has results updated, see how he does it.

Live matches would take more work…

There’s a lad in Vincent’s who’s developed an App for recording scores, forget it’s name, I’ll reach out to him tomorrow, see if there’s a way of linking it to ResDubs Social Media platforms.


That’d be great, think keeping live scores, score for score would be tricky enough concentration-wise like if you’re at the game with people it’d be hard to concentrate or do anything else and take a bit of practice. I wonder if could we at least get someone to give regular updates for each of the SHC games this weekend. That’d be a great start and maybe see if we can do live scores for 1 or two of the game.

Think what we’d be looking for are:

Lads who can do DMT style live tweeting each score from a game.

Lads who can give us team news/updated every ten / fifteen minutes during a game.

Lads who could write a very brief match report after a game, even if it’s just a photo of the program and scorers?

There’s a guy based in Fairfield that does that.


The App is GAA Report, here’s couple screenshots, you can add Clubs Twitter or Instagram Account as needed.

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Was looking at that app, looks good, I might try it out on one of the live stream games at the weekend and see how it goes


Was talking to DMT - so since Musk screwed around with Twitter, the app no longer posts directly onto Twitter anymore. the way Musk is screwing around with Twitter it’s not something I want to rely on, so I think we’ll keep updates here and will tweet about the matches on Twitter.

Not after getting a huge reaction to requests for match updates, to put it politely, so not sure how much coverage we’ll get. I can keep and eye on Clubs’ Twitter accounts but often they don’t post scores for days after if at all.

I think Roman McLoughlin has the final results pretty much covered, so it’s in-game updates that we’d be looking for primarily I think.

Ronann gets the results up pretty quickly, he gets them sent to him directly from the refs as well so fairly reliable and no waiting on the clubs to post, DCB social media are also posting Senior 1&2 results now after games.
I like the idea of score updates but get the feeling you could end up spending more time on the phone than watching the game.

oh yeah, totally agree, the live updates must be very tricky to do, that’s why I’m not looking for live score-by-score updates, just a post every 15-20 minutes as the game goes on and maybe a team sheet if there’s a program and an idea of who the scorers were.