Resser in the Spotlight

For the craic , who wants to nominate someone .
Not too intrusive questions & all light-hearted at the same time !

I nominate @alanoc

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3 noms for a person or just a single to start off
.If someone’s not interested we just choose someone else ?

I believe in the collective, and the process. Anyone who agrees to do this will end up “rested” from Res Dubs.



I’ll third that motion so if @alanoc wants to participate work away with the questions just “@” him in your question . If not we’ll choose someone else .


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Agreed. So @alanoc are you up for been the resser in the spotlight (fir the right reasons!:grin:)

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Ok, then…he hasn’t said No, so here goes…

Your favourite moment from the 3 in a row?

It’s 3am in a karaoke bar in Mullinahone, do you go with:
(a) Suspicious Minds
(b) Sweet Caroline
(c ) YMCA
(d) AN Other

John Denver is Country, yay or nay?

Apple or Samsung?

Favourite Shinner/leader of FG/Soldier of Destiny? Why?

Your favorite Vincents import?

Favourite ABBA/Oasis*/Bruce Springsteen song

(* not allowed pick Wonderwall)

Is the world going to end next Thursday? If it is, what are the 3 things you’d take with you on the last shuttle off world?


IGood work here. so alfreado yer up @alanoc

I’d like to also ask as a kid did he call the popular game of aiming a ball at 6” of concrete across a stretch of tarmacadam / concrete “Paths” or “Kerbs”

Who would he think would win in a game of misery guts Jack O’Connor or Paul Kimmage?

How many servants does He think Roman employs on his vast estate?

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ºMy questions are the following:
If the GAA decided to do away with inter county football would you be in favour?
Why have you always used your real name in the cyber world?
Which resser has the capacity to provoke you most?


I’d like to ask all of the above but change Mullinahone to Ballyragget. (*One of them is served by JJ Kavanagh’s, the other isn’t.)

I don’t think @alanoc has any interest so I suggest we move on & choose someone else .

Do. Sorry. Only seeing this now. Not really my thing to be honest.

But I will answer BigP’s question. I use my name because they’re my opinions. And I’m happy to stand over them.


No bother !
So we move on . Once selected make sure to @ the person so they know they are been asked a question .

Thats a pity @alanoc.

I nominate @ProudDub.

I second @ProudDub.


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Ah go on…


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