Ressers Dinner Party from Hell

Three guests to nominate. Who would be your Ressers dinner party from hell?

Mine would be @LondonJack, @alanoc and @5AliveOh.

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When you are finished sitting on the fence you might give us your answers!!

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Plenty of drink and it’d be grand.

Can you nominate yourself ?

No but you’re my first sub. :+1:


Safe to say that the Vins man would certainly be from hell at this stage. The politically correct and nice people avoiding the thread like the plague.

As @Iomaint would say …. no balls

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Let there be no political correctness! My three would be Dub 11 and the different personae on the Trans threads who advocate for males playing women’s sports. I’m not sure how many there are!

Now if I had a party from hell with three non-Ressers, we are talking Putin, Michael Noonan and Boris Johnson, with Trump serving the grub!

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Whatever happened to “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything “…

Now three Ressers I’d like to have pints with would be @JJF @daddyo and @LondonJack

I might even buy a round


Who says the younger generation don’t know what’s what? Champion idea.


I’d be on for that! I’d definitely would buy a round. But not in templebar. ■■■■ dat.

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Fock you Harry! We are sooooo over!!

I assumed that you wouldn’t need the public validation of my deep love and respect for you

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Alanoc Iomaint London Jack , as waiter id hire Dub09 and Aliveoh to serve the wine, I’d host it under the title “ The Last Supper” as guaranteed someone for sure , would be crucified


Jaysus! I still think we’d all pick Roman if he were around!


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This is hard one… I have conversed with Harry for nearly ten years by email and PM and have never met in person. So he is No. 1 pick.

So a dinner party from hell with batter burgers, strippers and lots of beer.

@Harrys_Tiles (for music taste alone) @iomaint (because he is a mental fucker) @Wasonthehill83 and I’ve bucked the trend here and ordered a table for six. @alanoc @Heffo63 and the Cabal killing fintech ninja @LondonJack

Id expect @daddyo and @5AliveOh to gatecrash. They would be more than welcome. Regardless there’s a lot of ressers posting here a long time… and Id love to put a face to a lot of names… so @tayto get the finger out and organise a goddam Ressers Ball.


Now you have it!

Thanks for the invite, I have a spare key to your new front door by the way.


Sincere apologies @MickeyDonovan a man of your immense talents needs no invite. Don’t forget to switch on the proximity alarm when you come over, in case any hipsters get any ideas.

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Too late, I’m offended now, where’s that woke thread ??

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