Ressers Football Awards 2016

Would be nice to have an end of season type poll. I have outlined a few headings below but it is not definitive and would welcome any additions or suggestions. Would any of our IT savvy Mods be able to set this up in a voting type situation? Maybe we can decide on headings and take it from there? So no voting yet.

Player of the Year:

Young Player of the Year:

Most improved player:

Best Goal:

Best Point:

Best Save:

Favourite Moment:

Made a mess of that :joy:




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Player of the Year: FEnton

Young Player of the Year:Small

Most improved player: Small

Best Goal:Mannion Vs Donegal

Best Point:Costello’s 2nd last Saturday

Best Save:None I can think of just now.

Favourite Moment: Mannion’s goal was special, but the relief and joy of seeing Dermo lift Sam again is hard to beat

Favourite moment for me was CO’C’s tantrum at the end of the first half. Showed him to be exactly what he is.


Player of the Year: Fento

Young Player of the Year: ‘Tall Small’

Most improved player: Byrne

Best Goals: Kevin Vs Westmeath & Mannion Vs Donegal. Lowndes in the League Final.

Best Points: Costello’s 2nd in final, Any one of several by Dermo, hard to pick, Kevin’s first & last Vs Kerry in semi-final. Paddy Vs Donegal & Mayo in the drawn game. Doherty for Mayo in the 2nd half of the 2nd game.

Best Save: Cluxton’s interception with a fly-kick Vs Mayo in the drawn game that set up an attack. Kelly of Kerry Vs Dublin semi-final, from the Philly McMahon shot.

Favourite Moment: Fitzsimons coming out of a massive ruck near the end with the ball and setting up an attack with a brilliant pass, in fact the move that followed also. It reminded me of the defending and move leading to the last Dublin score in last year’s final (after the Killian Young fumble)

:confounded: Do some of yis ever read anything …


All looks good, maybe take out best save and put in best tackle?

Yeah, that was pretty sweet.

I was going to have that as my moment too.

Can’t put in Best Tackle with Rochey around …

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One tackles the tickle, the other tickles the tackle.

Player of the Year: Fenton

Young Player of the Year: Small

Most improved player: Mcik Fitz , always been a fan, but thought he was great in almost all appearances

Best Goal: Dermo’s peno, best I have seen and in a pressure situation

Best Point: Dermo`s point where fumbled the ball then chipped up and slotted over, I forgot to say the one inthe Meath game.

Best Save: Can’t really remember

Favourite Moment: Kev Mc’s perfomances in the semi and quarter finals, well deserved.

Player of the Year: Fenton

Young Player of the Year: Byrne. This could have gone either way for me between him and Small but I’ll give Byrne the nod because of the fear that surrounded the capital when Rory said he was off. The fact that our backs stood up to the test and that Davy was a part of that, I’m going with him

Most improved player: Small. No shortage of candidates for this one. Again Byrne could go in here, Kev, Fenton(even better again this year), Cormac or Rock, take your pick but filling in for last year’s POTY gives Small the nod for me here.

Best Goal: Mannion v Donegal, should be zero debate over that one.

Best Point: Dermo V Meath was better skill, but Dermos 3rd V Kerry was just so pressurised and off his so called weaker foot I’ll have to give it to the one V Kerry

Best Save: On Saturday towards the end, there was a high ball in that was going over that I still can’t figure out how Clucko got to it but he did and punched it out. It fell to AOS and I thought to myself oh shit here’s a goal but a combo of Fitz and Philly done brilliantly. I’d class that as the biggest save, a combo of Clucko, Fitz and Philly.

Favourite Moment: Kev’s shoulder. No question

Player of the Year: Fenton

Young Player of the Year: John Small

Most improved player: Dean Rock

Best Goal: Mannion cutting Donegal a new arsehole in the Qtr’s

Best Point: the winning point against Kerry from Dermo.

Best Save: Mick Fitz block at the end and bursting out.

Favourite Moment: MDMA wining a ball against two Mayo players, broke the tackle and reminded us that the man is an animal.

And what did you think of his tackle?

Player of The Year: Fenton.

Young Player: John Small

Most Improved: Cormac Costello. Not much evidence vis a vis game time to go on, but to go from a brief cameo in the Laois game, to an All Ireland final winner, in just one game…that is pretty spectacular

Best Goal: Mannion v Donegal for its overall importance…but Deano getting on the board in just 15 seconds, down in KK was pretty sweet too. He made it himself too, from his quick reaction to the opportunity, to his timing, to his work rate…all good omens for the great year he would go on to have.

Best Point: Kev Mc’s equalizer against Kerry. You just knew Les Animaux were all thinking to a man, “Oh sweet suffering Jesus, not that McManaman hoor again” which made it all the sweeter. Honourable mention to Berno’s game winner against Monaghan, from an impossibly tight angle.

Best Save: Cluxton’s punch out in the final

Best Moment: Not gonna go with the usual suspects from the AI final or semi final. There are just too many to mention. So I’ll go with the sense of satisfaction at the final whistle of the Mayo league game in Castlebar in February. Horrible night, horrible conditions, horrible crowd…they threw every thing at us, but we still prevailed, with an iron will and rock solid resolve. Answered any questions anyone might have about our hunger levels for 2016. Gave one a nice warm glow inside. Or that may have been all the hot toddys I’d been drinking !

Good shout on Berno’s winner Vs Monaghan, great game that, we didn’t deserve the win really but that score encapsulated the brilliance of him, nice to think it was part of ‘the run’, considering he didn’t manage any really great moments in the last couple of games

I wasn’t taking into account the league games. Rocks goal in that horrendous day in Carrick-on-Shannon was a great goal. Come to think of it that was a great day out considering all the messing around with the change of venue the morning of the game, delay in kick off time etc. Good drinking town. Shame it will be years before we’re back down there.