Ressers Football Awards 2016

On the topic of the league…notable mention should go to the Kerry crowds rock solid conviction that their not wanting to lose back to back finals to the Dubs, would be the deal breaker in the league final. Only to see them go on and do just that. In rather spectacular fashion too ! And then, all the “arra shure, isn’t it only the league” ballsology that soon followed. Keep 'er lit lads ! :grinning:


Jeeze PD you really hate those Kerry folk. :anguished:

Ah, these days, it’s more of a patronizing sense of pity really…shure you know yerself like !

Player of the Year: Connolly. The heartbeat of this team. Irreplacable.

Young Player of the Year: Pretty unanimous, John Small. Exceptional year encapsulated when he was flattened by Boyle (?) in the drawn game with what was basically a flying shoulder, received treatment then got up to straight away field a ball under pressure. Brilliant. Thought too much was asked of him on Saturday - lot of hospital balls/ overhit passes but he went after them all. Hope he develops his point taking next year as he is getting into good positions, then he’ll be immense.

Most improved player: KevMc. Not the best finish to the season but he was unreal all year. Kicked some whopper points (Kerry/ the replay/ during the league).

Best Goal: Connolly peno in the replay. Buried it. No messing, and against a good keeper. Pivotal.

Best Point: Connolly v Meath. Sums him - took his eye off the ball as he went to gather and nutmegged himself. Queue jeers from the savages. Queue Connolly swerving it over with the outside of his boot.

Best Save: None that I can recall. I’m sure Connolly was involved.

Best Manager: Jim Gavin. Made the big calls for the replay, they worked.

Favourite Moment: Connolly’s post-match chat with Marty Morrisey after the replay. Deadly. (Special mention to the roadtrip to Mayo with Joxer. Poxy weather, robbing roadsigns, nice chipper, poxy weather, real scrap of a match, John Small and a Mayo fella ending the game in the nets having a brawl. Sign we were up for it this year, as were they. Epic.)

Only topped by the cutting pre-semifinal analysis of ‘Kerry will win because they cannot possibly lose to Dublin again’.

Was in the Hogan and in a great line to see that. It was one of those breathtaking moments that only Dermo can deliver.

Great shout , absolutely taking the piss with that point :joy:

Player of the Year: Fenton

Young Player of the Year: Small

Most improved player: Deano for his high pressure

Best Goal: Dermo , peno in final , perfection

Best Point: Anything Dermo hit off his “weaker” left
foot , too many to mention but loved his
point in first final where I think it was a
poor kick out towards the end , bounces
off his head or shoulder as he has his
back to it , turns around & just skies it
over the bar .

Best Save: Stevo & Davy Byrne v Kerry

Favourite Moment: Gob on Brian Sheehan after
Kerry loss
Dermo turning around after
winner v Kerry pumping his fist
shouting what I can only
imagine to be " ya fucking
dancer "
Our lads not been bullied the
second day & everybody laying
down early markers !

just one moment of the year overlooked.

Kev Mc’s shoulder on Crowley in the Kerry game.
There was an audible girly yelp at that moment from me.

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Likewise Flynn on the Donegal fella.

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Player of the Year: Connolly or Fenton

Young Player of the Year: John Small

Most improved player: Dean Rock

Best Goal: Mannion v Donegal

Best Point: Connolly’s insurance point against Kerry. A thing of sheer beauty.

Best Manager: Masterminding back to back. Mr Gavin.

Favourite Moment: Cluxton lifting Sam for a 3rd time.

On the shoulders, I think Byrnes has to be the best, first of all it was 100% legal and secondly it saved what looked like a clear goal.

Carrick is a great town indeed.

Just on this point, I was reading Spillane’s articles in the Sunday World on the game against Kerry. It linked his most recent articles at the bottom and I just had to laugh

Player of the Year: Fenton - Unbelievable he still hasn’t tasted defeat in a Dubs jersey in the 18 Months he has been on the panel.

Young Player of the Year: John Small - Has been solid all year.

Most improved player: Rock - Bar the First game vs Mayo he’s given a placed ball masterclass all year as well as chipping in more often from play.

Best Goal: Mannion vs Donegal / Boyle OG in the first game while I was surrounded by 3,000 Mayo fans :wink:

Best Point: Hard to choose but I’ll go with Connolly’s insurance point off his left vs Kerry / Costello’s 3 points in the replay were all top class!

Best Save: Can’t think of any off the top of my head so I’ll go with Mick Fitz block in the dying seconds of the replay.

Favourite Moment:Nobody has mentioned it yet but Ciarán Kilkenny’s catch from Cluxton’s last kick out to seal the game was phenomenal!! Followed by Connolly receiving the ball around the middle of the field signaling everyone to calm down before drilling a cross field ball about 40 yards onto I think it was MDMA’s chest :slight_smile:

I was sitting beside some guy called Bart in Clones when Fenton made his starting debut last year. I said to him this kid will be massive for Dublin. He will anchor midfield for years to come and will have quite a few Celtic Crosses in his pocket. I said don’t be surprised to see this guy in the Hogan next September and even the one after. Meanwhile Bart was busy scribbling notes on the back of a Major pack. I haven’t met him since.


Bart has been quiet enough since the win , wonder what the rational is behind this :thinking:


Like all of us doomsters (doomstars?) he lives to keep the rest of yis real. The week after an All-I win is our only down-time, kind of like a sun-holiday away from the kids for a manically busy mother

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At what stage did that occur, roughly?