Ressies on the Pitch

Well i see the usual craic in many clubs at Christmas, with the likes of Married v Singles matches and all other sorts of match ups, often for a bit of craic, few pints afterwards and the odd few quid from subs thrown into a charity for good will,
Would there be any appetite for something like this within the Ressies for Next Year even? Ressies Christmas charity match, Something similar happen before actually?

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Few pints would be an idea!!

Can I be the referee? :grin::grin::grin:



You surely can. God knows we would need a level headed sane person trying to manage the bunch of headbangers on this site.

Al can be the stats man. A minimum of 550000 word report.

Dub09 and Bart can be opposition managers.

Something witty and unbelievable as they are both the same person can play for both teams.

Mayoman can play for the south side. If he can emulate his county mans kick outs the north side should win handy.

Alan can be the CCCC - he is going to be busy.

Beeko can be the minister for pun or commentary

Rochey can be the north side captain.

Am I missing anyone for key roles?

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Board Delegate can sign the referee’s report!

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We’ll get you in a full forward iomaint. Pick your side and the jersey yours.

Chuck can…God I dunno?

JJF, I’m more of a wood-butcher corner back! You’d need a big but skilful man like Walter Walsh for full forward. Now where would we find such a man? Arise Sir Charles Babbage!

Good stuff! Grab a jersey you’re in. I’ll be moral support on the side line.

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Unbelievable can take care of the post match interviews.

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Any of the AFL6 thread playing ?, presume Lucan will watch from the sideline.


How soon they forget. :wink:

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@Stato82 can keep the score.

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We have t forgotten about you… you can be the sports psychologist!

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Northside V Southside, oh lovely, ill sharpen me stoods :wink:

If its all ticket I know a source that can guarantee you tickets, great seats too. Cash up front though…

We have had a couple of these. 2007 we played the Dublin over 40’s. Bet hem on penos
2010 we played NS v SS, which was actually in 2011 because of the snow. SS hammered us. Loads of ringers brought in. We still got he cup though
There was another game played this year in August. Couldn’t make it myself thankfully after seeing pictures of te match and some of the players Ojay managed to get out!


Is he still selling tickets???