Retirements 2016... The speculation!

Bassie and Clucko are my guess. Well Bassie anyway. Either way, they owe nothing to the county, and their respective drive in 2011 changed the landscape of Dublin football for this decade. Legends!

Cluxton could be gone. I hear Shane Supple has been approached to return to panel next year. I’d prefer if Comerford or Savage were given a chance ahead of him.

It looked to me that Stephen enjoyed that win more than any other. I’d be very surprised to see him hang up his gloves.

I asked him in the Gibson, was it goodbye, and he wasn’t exactly denying it! Think he said “we’ll see”… Then again, I was into my 5th gallon at that stage!!!

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Yeah … and he’s gonna give the BK PRO a scoop …

Bernard confirmed as staying on. Although don’t think many expected him to hang up his boots

Parnell’s mate reckons he’s gone .

He in great form on the interview with Michael Lyster. The Sunday Game seemed to have changed their approach for post match celebrations in winners hotel. They only interviewed Gavin, Cluxton and Fitzsimons. Years they would go around the tables and interview the players. It was same when Kilkenny won the hurling

It’s the body language with his reply too. Met Clucko a few times, and this was definitely different. I’d be surprised if he stays, or maybe he’s genuinely thinking about it!

is your mate Conor Mortimer?:joy:

If he leaves then I’m goin too …

■■■■ no :joy::joy:

You took it easy this time around?

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Somewhat! :slight_smile:

Someone mentioned in another thread about Bastick and Cluxton having won four All-Ireland medals in their 30’s. They must be a first in that regard?

We didn’t win any in the 30s??

There was rumours of that but only a few hours ago Bohs announced he’s signed a new contract for next season. Doesn’t necessarily mean he can’t do both but playing for Brigids, Bohs and Dublin a seems like too much for anyone to take on

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Surely the lure of 3 in a row will keep Cluxton there. I honestly believe he can go as long as he wants, he doesn’t have kids yet does he? Because I know that would be a huge factor for him as he’s always there first there etc.

Nobody likes a smartarse! :blush:

Don’t want to write a man off before his time but when Cluxton goes Connolly should get the captaincy. He has been driving that team on for years.