Rio Olympics

Rory not going to Rio.

He must be up the duff, you heard it here first folks!

I think he’s been looking for an excuse NOT to have to go for some time now. I don’t think he’s alone in that either. Seems like lots of golfers are not going - haven’t heard of too many people (if at all any) from other sports to say they’re not going due to this virus. I know some have expressed concern but I feel that golf will be dropped as soone as possible from future Olympics.

Professionals at the Olympics.

Mad stuff Ted.

He’s never been that comfortable saying he’s Irish . Avoided the question for a long time .

Personally I consider him to be Non-Irish I’ve no issue with him whatsoever but I don’t know why he doesn’t just come out and say it.

Maybe he’s just afraid that the NI border will be up before he would get back from Rio :smirk:

He is Irish, Northern Irish, don’t think he’s ever tried to claim to be anything else.

If a major was in Rio he would play ?. He’s been uneasy about the representation thing for a long time & this is an avenue out, he saves face and gets on with playing golf. Best of luck to him either way. Why would a professional be interested in the Olympics ? Personally I think it’s wrong having professionals participating in the Olympics anyway and taking the chance of medals and glory from amateurs who train so hard to try to even qualify for the event. USA win the basketball every four years & nobody gives a toss. Usain Bolt wins the 100m & we all sit up & take notice…My tuppence worth anyway…

GMac says No as well saying his wife is due to give birth a couple of weeks after the games, which puts Pádraig Harrington next in contention for selection for Rio 2016.

As if the Olympics weren’t a total joke already…

Pro boxers too …

Now Shane Lowry has said No as well.

Professional sportsmen pulling out of the Olympics. The irony …

I’d say the IOC regret including it now!

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Pro sports people have been in the Olympics along time now.

They have

Yes they have

Ever hear of the ‘Dream Team’ :wink:

Loads of pros in Olympics.

Steffi Graf … Gold medallist

Is it just the cynic in me that wonders if there was say $1m of prize money available along with the gold medal would as many golfers decide not to play?

oh you cynic. (bang on the money, only a million probably not enough for the top guys they’re so feckin minted).

In fairness, the golfers itch to play The Ryder Cup (where they don’t get paid either). This has more to do with scheduling than anything else.