RIP Thread

Opening an RIP Thread as it’s been suggested many times
Just speaking to lads in work about Fawlty Towers, how it never aged and still makes me laugh to this day with it’s crude jokes. RIP Manuel!

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the deadpan comedy of it was simply genius

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I loved “The Major” character. You probably couldn’t make screen/write that kind of character today due to political correctness. Great interaction between all the constant characters, Basil, Cybil (and Prunella Scales now herself, suffering from the onset of dementia), Major, Polly and the very best character of them all, Manuel.

“I know naaaawthing!”

Probably didn’t start this thread earlier cos I don’t think many famous people died this year …

Such a great show. Saw Prunella Scales many moons ago, when she was touring a one woman play in Kilruddery. Met her afterwards too. T’was so hard to separate such a sweet & gentle woman from Sybil, The Mother Of All Battleaxes !

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My favourite Major story - "Strange creatures, women Fawlty. I knew one once… striking-looking girl… tall, you know… father was a banker. I must have been rather keen on her because I took her to see… INDIA!

Basil: India??!

At the Oval… fine match, marvellous finish… now, Surrey had to get thirty-three in about half an hour… she went off to powder her… powder her hands or something… women… er… never came back."



Lovely series about canals with her & her husband a couple of years ago, she was struggling with alzheimer’s but still managed it. Great woman

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Are they not still doing it? They’ve since moved on from the UK waterways & were doing the Loire Valley canals, on the last few eps I saw. You’re right, 'tis a lovely series. Lovely woman. Lovely couple.

I think they are currently or recently doing another series on UK canals.

Brilliant. :slight_smile:

I 'ope not. What with ‘er being dead an’ all. Oh, you mean the series? I haven’t had telly for the past 6 weeks, well except BBC1 & 2, bizarrely. Laptop not good enough screen. Can’t record anything on the telly now either.

By the way, in one episode they went to an old boat worker’s bar on the Thames in East Lahndan, called The Grapes. Ian McKellen saved it from modernisation etc. I was in it last month, really nice place.

She no dead

When you get your issues telly problems sorted Al, you should try and check out the French series. Given your fondness for The Grape, t’wud really get you in the mood for quaffing El Plonko avec les surrender monkeys.

Didn’t her son & daughter in law inheirit Glin Castle, when the last Knight of Glin kicked the bucket? Not a bad pad, to invite the mater and pater for the weekend, all the same.

Saw a BBC4 documentary on FT. David Kelly and a few of the other guest stars were interviewed. Said he gets recognized more for 10 minutes of work he did on FT 40 odd years ago, than any other thing he has done, including Strumpet City. Bit of a kick in the nuts there for poor aul Rashers ! :laughing:


Bloody ehhhhll, I killed Prunella! Somebody gypped me about 'er bein deed n all last night, the f*cker. Bit of a caricature aul David in fairness. Oui, d’accord I ave seen z series du canals de la Belle France. The Keith Floyd one cracks me up but he must have been a right coconut to work with. That Rick Stein looks a bit highly strung too. That prat Jamie Oliver did a great series on Italy, his trip to the island off Sicily was brilliant.

Speaking of wine, have to watch this again:

Anybody seen the series ‘Billions’?

Really enjoyed the canal journeys in England and France , most recent one I recall was a series in Scotland . My late mother had Alzheimer’s and how they interact on the boat and on land is wonderful .

A friend of mine always says that Alzheimer’s wouldn’t be too bad, new friends every 10 minutes , but Dementia would be too much - it woul kill him not knowing where he left his pint !

R.I.P AA Gill.

One of the best parts of a lazy Sunday afternoon.

His Ma acted in Fawlty Towers too. Weird coinky dink.

Jesus, I love that film!

Sad to hear of Jim Rock’s passing

Joe Rock, you mean?

Joe Rock senior, from the legendary Rock family with close connections to Croke Park over 80+ years as well as being a uncle to Barney passed away today. Joe was a legend around Croke Park and will be sadly missed by family and colleagues alike

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RIP. He was in the documentary on last year’s All Ireland final.