RIP Thread

Some great stuff from an Fear Rua over the years. Ar dheis Dé go raibh do Anam.


Any relation to Ian O’Riordan at The Irish Times?

His father I think.

Yep, his Da.

This article from the time AFR was shut down

and also this one (written by someone all of us hold dear to our, ahem, hearts - yis have been warned!)

remind us of the job done by the mods on here to keep the Reservoir Dubs show on the road.

R.I.P. Liam Cahill.


I think I found the goodbye to the hill article ( the magill one) that David Walsh wrote about the 77 team on the an fear rua website. I recall it as being an interesting forum.

Sorry to hear about the untimely passing of AFR.

Would love to find an article written by a Mayo lad who’s name I think was Cummins, from post -1985 All Ire Football Final, about his experiences on the Hill that day.
Maigh Eo of course won the Mínúir. I kept the piece in paper form but it has got buried in the archives in one of many bags and boxes dotted around the homes of family & friends. That’s if it didn’t get chucked by the Tidy-up Police at some stage.

Dennis Cahill, master fiddle player. Big loss. Huge part of the 90s revival, one of the first major diaspora successes in trad.


Saw him play with Martin Hayes as support to the waterboys at the Olympia years ago. Very good musician. Rip


Guitarist when I heard him play.
Irishman of Chicago.
Rest in peace.

Great chune, great album.
Untimely as in young…I misread that he had passed away. Obvs not!

I just realised you probably mean the man not the website. I love Led Zeppelin

What the poor man had to go through RIP



Take my dog up to Catherine’s Park, a beautiful place ,where as dark a deed ever took place , RIP

Frank Williams who played the Reverend in Dad’s Army

Only Ian Lavender (Private Pike) left now


For some reason, I felt that they should be allowed to go on, forever! All of the certainties of our past, are slipping away.


Great series that, so cleverly subversive

RIP Ruairi