RIP Thread

That’s hardly a compliment, although true :grin::grin::grin:


Fucking hell. A wonderful commentator (few and far between nowadays)

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That’s awful. Beautiful lyrical Welsh voice. Himself and Brian Moore bickering like the Odd Couple during commentary was good fun. RIP.

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Had massive shoes to fill following the great Bill McLaren and boy did he make a massive go at it


Fock it. All of the great, sonorous, knowledgeable commentators are slipping off, to watch from afar. We are increasingly finding ourselves left with shallowness, sound-bites, superlatives and shite.


One of the best. Young enough to. Will be sadly missed.

Excellent commentator. Such a distinctive voice and bundles of knowledge

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Huge part of commentary on the greatest and biggest games. Didn’t always agree with him but he was usually on the money. Gone too soon.

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Big supporter of Welsh independence too which I didn’t know know until I seen it being mentioned in various tributes

Hillary Mantel, author of the Wolf Hall trilogy which I must get around to reading. I really enjoyed the TV adaptation of Wolf Hall and I believe the books are even better.

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Wow. She wasn’t old. Although I believe she had health problems. Great writer. Books are superb. Two of them won the Booker

An amazing writer. Her Wolf Hall trilogy is a work of art. The richness of language and how she evokes mood , fear and terror mainly.
A great loss .

Louise Fletcher aka Nurse Ratched


That film what a performance, iconic , chilling , seen her play other parts but could never get the nurse out of my head , RIP

Looked up her acceptance speech at the Oscar’s , class, born to two deaf parents she gave a lovely touching speech with sign language


Probably my most favourite movie of all time.

Had some impact on me when I first saw it.

The fear she brought.

To think it was shot in one place with no graphics or big budget. Just a great storyline brilliantly acted.

I haven’t read the book…which was banned. But when she was choked at the end, she lost her voice which removed her authority. Ultimate revenge.

Apparently McMurphy was based on an Irish character as was Red in Shawshank redemption (the book version). Something about Irish law-breakers.

going to put that on my list to rewatch

jesus this is terrible. Brendan Devanney lost his father and sister within a week. Terrible. RIP to them both.

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