RIP Thread

Sean Maguire (deceased) the DJ at the Blind teenage Dance in the 70’s and probably the 80’s always played Nutbush City Limits of a Saturday.
That was 45 years ago and had been a hit about 4 years previous to our time at the Blind.
I didn’t know Sean other than to chat music with him as a youngfella. He had a great and eclectic tatse … the music was rock and reggae and Ska etc … mix of old and new at the time. He even played Rory now and then for me !
He used to light up a large cigar at the end of the dance.
I got so much interest and love for music from the likes of Sean and of course the master Mr. C from the Grove.
I spoke with Ronan Collins about 10 years ago and he told me Sean’s full name. He was very much a fan of his too.


Was nutbush city limits about no sex before marriage or without protection?

Diana Ross? Florence Ballard? Tammi Terrell? Gladys Knight, Roberta Flack, Etta James, Whitney? Nina, Dionne, Amy?
Anna Mae was more of a rock than a soul singer I suppose, perhaps the fairest comparison is with the likes of Janis Joplin.
Have to say Simply The Best was always an overblown end of night enjoyable anthem if you’re a bunch of pissed wimmin, that has been brutally overplayed.

That my late Mum loved and we played as her coffin left the church


I would have said The Undertaker.

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The brother was in a nightclub in Glasgow years ago after being at an old firm game. Dj started to play “ simply the best” security run over to tell him can t play that , associated with Rangers , Dj sticks on the Pogues , security tells him no that’s a Celtic associated band. Dj announces I can only play fuckin Kylie and sticks on “ I should be so lucky”.


You forgot the greatest of them all…Margie Hendrix! Just listen to her singing with Ray Charles live in 1959 on Tell The Truth and The Night Time Is The Right Time.Makes Aretha sound like Petula Clark.


Paul Brady probably earned many a shilling from this…

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Steel Claw as well. In fairness he has acknowledged just how important those tracks were to his career. I like Brady a lot. A very good songwriter and well respected by the best.

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Jaysus cheers for that Damo, I’ll remember to pull out a story of deep personal grief significance the next time you you want to have a bit of a throwaway rant about something quite trivial. :+1:t4:

You could’ve just admitted you like dressing up and linking arms around the shoulders with a bunch of pelatic young wans at the end of the night in a local pub.

There’s a small business here called Turners that advertises itself with a woman saying, “Hi, I’m Tina from Turners …” and so on. What in the heck are they going to do now? The local govt may have to step in to save them.

Pointed out one person’s poison is another person’s xxx
I personally hated the song , but was over ruled on the day
But I’ve shared enough with a keyboard colleague, I’m now out

One of the nation’s best ever musical exponents.

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Renowned Irish artist Graham Knuttel (69) has died RIP

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[Irish artist Graham Knuttel dies aged 69 (]

In a life a long time ago I was involved in a business that sold some commission pieces , and much of his more mainstream merchandise cups , calendars , tasteful bits I always thought

Hugh Callaghan of the Birmingham Six


I have a poster of the river of innocence parade for them in ‘90. I was brought in the buggy but have a vague recollection of it.

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RIP Teddy McCarthy. He was sitting behind me at the Dublin Cork league game in February.


Wow that’s shocking news.

RIP Teddy. Absolute legend.


Ah FFS. Loved watching him playing both codes. Full of natural athleticism and ability. Leapt like a gazelle.
RIP, Teddy.