Rochford Resigns Where Now For Mayo

So Stephen Rochford has resigned states lack of support from Co Executive. Maybe they were questioning the fact he was bringing in 2 Breaffy Selectors to his management team and this would add fuel to the whole Breaffy Mafia thing?? Who is next?? Jim Mc Guinness will be seriously tempted particularly if we are going for 5 in a row next year to stop us. However I don’t know will his style suit the older Mayo boys and the heavy training that they will no doubt be put through. James Horan to have another crack??

Kevin McStay ?

When he serves his suspension for assaulting linesmen.


Suspension will be over by the time the league starts.
Great shot to hit the linesman’s head from that distance in fairness.

No chance the big egos in the mayo dressing room would suit Jim McGuinness. They’d be out on strike within a month.

Rumour has it some JP McManus style sugardaddy (based in Westport) is gonna open up the checkbook to sign a big name, hence SR getting d’aul heave ho.

What other big name is there, other than McGuinness?

Jimmy wouldn’t touch the Mayo Manger role with someone else’s bargepole.

He wants to be a paid soccer Coach and Manager, not a volunteer babysitter.


Eamon Fitz.
Mickey Harte.
Pete McGrath.
Kieran McGeeney.

Joe Kernan

I kinda meant a big name that is free, with a proven track record of recent success. EF & Pete McGrath both left their last jobs under a bit of a cloud. Probably need a bit of dust to settle there, before they are attractive managerial candidates again. I presume you are joking with Geezer? :rofl:

John O Mahony? Liam McHale? Maughan? Any other ex players?

Some serious moderation going on over at the Mayoblog , Willie Joe not having any criticism of Rochford or the players .

Shame for him. Tough one for the incoming manager. All their key players passed their peak. Kev McStay? Ahh noooo!

I sure hope Willie Joe ate his Weetabix this morning. :smile:

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There are very few in history who leave with a recent track record of success, without a cloud, and are available.
Half joking about Geezer but he’d be a better choice than some mayo club manager. They need an inspirational figure to rally the troops.

Ha, aul bitter would approve, that’s traditional GAA funding!

Right you are.

Geezer hasn’t won a single Ulster championship game in 5 years. The near constant Off The Ball fawning over him aside, would he still be considered a big name?

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Speaking of Bitter, seeing as he had an article questioning whether our house is in order, I await his follow up article on May’s County board ineptitude with great patience…

Big name, yes. But hard to argue he’s been a successful manager.
Seems to be making a bit of progress in Armagh but the issue with the Cross lads not playing will limit any real gains.

Serious talk about the players being involved again. Although for once I’d agree with them if not the way they go about it. Rochford wasn’t gonna get them to the promised land.

Them Mayo Boyos will do anything to be talked about during All Ireland Final week.

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