Rossies imploding

Is this just to let McStay at it on his own? Or is something else going on?

from that quote in the article it seems as if the county board wants to give mcstay free reign.

the whole “disparaging” thing just reeks of county board poison and politics.

Mc donnell brings the money. the sponsor backed him hence why he was on the ticket. the sponsor may walk now.

I wonder will they park the bus next year …

they’d make a fortune around Dublin in the next two days

The bus operators there have already made a few bob on the Dublin fans this year!!

To me it looks like they put this years championship on hold to maintain Div 1 status.

Hopefully now mcstay gets rightly found out.

Believe they started training last October. They seem to be a team that lacks a bit of steel. Seem to fold easily when things not going their way. They had some amount that played with DCU as at least 10/11 players have played with them over the years. If get house in order have potential to be top 6 team but that a long long way from happening now

But people shouldn’t underestimate staying in Div 1. You can at least condition a group to playing the top teams the ,longer you stay in Div 1. Tipp will find it hard next year in Div 3 again.

Rosscommon are a mess internally but have a lot of good players.

Liam McHale seems to be centre of row. Apparently wasn’t allowed much input on coaching the team. Isn’t McStay married to McHale sister? Tipp should coast through Division 3 next year. They missed the Clonmel lads for first 3 league games this year which hampered their promotion prospects.