RTE- biased or fair?

  • RTE’s coverage of Covid has been biased
  • Rte’s coverage of Covid has been fair

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probably needs to be more options on this poll and biased in what way?

Agree. It’s not black and white.

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Mister Lee has certainly been hysterically negative at times, some of the coverage has been very good. Mixed bag IMO.


I don’t really think you could suggest that they have underplayed the NPHET Covid position? I’m suggesting that they were biased towards NPHET and the maintenance of anxiety. Anyone who has read any of my posts knows that! Furthermore, in some ways, as an initial poll, I do not need to indicate the direction of any attendant or inherent bias! I’m just seeking to find out if people think that RTE was fair, or otherwise.

Haven’t seen enough of RTE`s coverage to take part, also I suppose what one man considers biased another considers fair.

People will think they are biased for diffrent reasons, personally I feel they only ever change the government position from the Right, pushing for opening things up no matter the cost. But I’m sure there are covid sceptics who think they are biased for not questioning in covid is real.

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That’s the issues, biased is a broad church…

I’ll close this later today so. May do another, more nuanced one, when it’s ‘all over’ or whatever.

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I’m very surprised it’s as close as it is. I genuinely assumed it would be about 80% thinking Rte were biased.

While respecting everyone’s opinion, I wonder if some people unconsciously voted “no bias”, because they think “the bias” is a good thing - in that RTE helped to get people onboard with what, in their opinion, needed to be done.

In other words, I wonder if some people unconsciously viewed the question as “Do you have a problem with RTE’s bias?” rather than “Is RTE biased?”

I’m not being a sore loser here - while the poll result is a major surprise to me, it’s also an eye opener. Every day is a school day. But it is at odds with the general impression I’ve got from conversations out in the real world, where most people just seem sick of the constant negativity in the meeja - particularly RTE.

I’ll waive my privacy to say big ■■■■ off vote for biased from me anyway.

Interesting result

Or maybe a lot of people understand that just because you don’t agree with a point of view doesn’t mean that it’s a biased one?


A similar poll on RTÉ’s coverage of Dublin Football might produce a less balanced result.


I think at times sometimes we have our mind made up over something and we then only focus on what backs up our argument and tend to ignore what doesn’t I don’t look at RTE much but would look at the website and in general I saw little difference to the way things are reported on RTE to the main media outlets here, unfortunately bad news sells, far more likely to see a heading saying how many died in an accident than one saying how many survivors were in the same accident .

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I look at it differently. It’s probably not good that half of the respondents believe that RTE was biased regarding Covid! @bigp , with the greatest of respect, I am well aware of confirmation bias etc.

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Seriously doubt you got the result you expected given that you state over and over that the bias was blatant, clearly, going by that result , it is not so blantant but in fairness the number of voters is not conclusive by any means, either way I never argued as to whether they are biased or not

They can be very negative. But that’s about anything and everything. Still going on about the zappone thing etc. it’s more of a bad news sells than any great conspiracy IMO.

I think it’s fair to say that my views don’t tally with those of many others on this issue. That has been clear from the start. I would not have bothered with a poll, if I already knew the result.

It is also fair to say if something is blatantly clear it should reflected in the result of a poll on the issue, I respect your view on the issue and have no wish to change it.
My only stance on the whole thing was and is A, I don’t accept that particular RTE heading had a negative slant. B, I don’t understand why RTE would have any reason to be any more negative than any other outlet, but in saying that I am not saying whether they are or not, just don’t see why they would be, now if you think it is connected with getting extra cash from licence fees etc, well fair enough but you haven’t produced any evidence to convince me of that and it seems to be just a conclusion you have come to