RTÉ GAA Podcast: Is a golden age of football on way?

Jesus wept. It’s almost unwatchable

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spillane invented the word Puke to describe himself

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A golden age of football on the way. They must think the Dubs are gonna get bet.


their certainly hope’n, its becomin an obsession

Patrick loves the sound of his own voice. Still harping on about blanket defences.

I’m confused.

Apparently we are about to enter a golden era of Gaelic football …

A few months ago Dublin were destroying Gaelic football

6 in a row

Funding …

Split them in 2




Motorway …

Now we are about to be beaten

Again …

It must be a golden era for Gaelic football.

Can’t wait …


the chap is hurtin bad, the whole podcast is a joke

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