rte radio commentary

Rte radio commentary

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Sep - 17 Hi I would really appreciate if Any of the tech savvy members would be able to put rte radio commentary of the final up as an mp3 please

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Should be able to get the podcast on RTÉ player?

Stick the link up for the radio show and I will grab it.

thanks Whatever if you could work your magic again

Leave it with me and I will grab it during the week

Have it downloaded. Need to convert to MP3.

Didn’t get around to converting as had a few unknown problems that took a while to not happen anymore whilst grabbing the feed.

Will try get to it during the week.

Here it is


At about 2hrs 15mins in during the after match commentary the show dropped out and went to an ad break. This is how it is on the site. Not a mistake in case anyone wonders

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great stuff

at half time now.

they are seeing far more than the TV chaps.

big difference between the mayo and dublin crowd noise, we sounded like we were down the road in a different stadium we were so outnumbered.

for all the good it did them.

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Commentary is much better than tv version. However a major major negative is Bernard Flynn who comes across as nuts bordering on bi polar as he calls out mad opinions and then either contradicts or argues with himself.

Post match commentary & discussion much better & fairer that in tv. Impressed with Sean Cavanagh & e en Eamon OHara manages to string couple of coherent views together. Enjoyed it :blush:

many thanks whatever much appreciated radio commentary is always much better Darragh Maloney very good, the Midwest radio version of the last 5 minutes is hilarious I nearly feel bad about wallowing in their misery