RTE Sunday Game All Stars

RTE have started an all star competition from 1979 onwards. First up are the keepers. For me it’s between Martin Furlong, John O Leary, Charlie Nelligan and Stephen Cluxton with the later being the favourite… Link is attached https://www.rte.ie/sport/gaa/2020/0331/1127640-all-stars-of-the-sunday-game-era-football-goalkeeper/

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David Clarke?

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While not derailing this thread can anyone help me out with this one.

Looking to clarify our all ireland final Man of the match recipiants.

I think -
2011 - Kevin Nolan
2013 - Bernard brogan
2015 - ??
2016 - a mayo man probably first day
2016 replay - Mick Fitz I believe
2017 - James McCarthy ?
2018 - Jack McCaffrey
2019 - No idea who got it for the drawn game
2019 - Ciaran Kilkenny.

15 fenton
16 John Small
16 replay mick fitz
17 yup mccarthy
19 first day - Jack Mc

You’re right with all rest

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The Sunday game didnt do a MOTM for the drawn game.

I backed Jack McC to win the accolade. Paddy power refunded me.

I think I remember hearing that Gavin was having no interviews by his players after that game so we’re unable to present it to him. I’m sure Des mentioned that he was motm as well

I didnt get paid anyway :smiley:

This article said Jack McCaffrey was MOTM the first day.