RTÉ to broadcast league & club matches

Great news

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a simultaneous transmission of the same programme on radio and television, or on two or more channels.

“a Radio1/BBC2 simulcast”


Cant see a problem with it other than how many games will TG4 get as their coverage is excellent

the more the better, often several good games on at the same time and often they dont live up to expectation so would be great to be able to flick over to something else.

Exactly @Tayto
Maybe a few lower division games give them a bit of exposure
Something like a game to win promotion or a relegation battle

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I’d rather TG4 coverage than the numpty brigade from rte


If they persist with the rule changes people could be turning off in their droves. Mind you it could help to highlight the many many inconsistencies and errors that are bound to occur.


Tg4 offer great coverage to be fair to them


Apparently theres a meeting the week before the league to decide whether or not the rules will be kept on for the league

There’s a meeting between the GAA and the GPA about the new rules. Don’t think it has any effect on the rules being used in the league. Looks like there’re in.

I don’t think a final decision has been made yet.

You would be relying on the commentators to point them out, considering how often they the players wrong I wouldn’t be holding out too much hope


TG4 is by far the best coverage for most sports. In screen replays, watch the video of the Munster v Leinster game where they had Flannery miked up during the warm up, brilliant.


Plus you can get English subtitles for the non-Gaelgeoir.

Of course the increased coverage has nothing to do with the replacement of Ryle “Live Schools Rugby” Nugent with a GAA man as Head Of Sport in Montrose…


Avatar has to go !

Nonsense - I love it. Took me two full hours to get right! Ynwa

Anybody else love it ??


As much as we complain about RTE, the numptys are entertaining to watch. I love the drama and controversy of it all! Zero good analysis on the football side. Interestingly, I think the hurling analysts are much better except for oul Get and Cyril of course!

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