Rugby - The Unenhanced Performing Thread

Money doesn’t buy manners. Or decency,


He’s overreacting and I wasn’t serious about hitting him!! Snowflakes!

I know I’m poor

Sure if they do end up involved in something serious it’ll all be sorted out … wink wink nudge nudge.

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Nidge nidge!

Jaysus, national game…

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National game :japanese_ogre:

I don t know the writer but a quick look at his Twitter I d say he s taking the piss with the National game quip.


We called out the nasty old gouger Dubbelin fans (didn’t have the excuse of youth) who fairly brutally attacked the much younger Kerry fans who were acting the maggot themselves on the Hill in August

winning 3 at home including italy is expected

scotland are absolute gack. italy are ranked below georgia … 13th in the world in a sport where only 10 countries are anyway competitive

rugby is the ultimate sport of medocrity in ireland

It’s still ‘ok’ by our standards. Wales murdered us last year and lost narrowly to the world champions in the WC semifinal. If the result last week was the other way around you’d be saying it was a very good result for them

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Lets see how we go against England and France … think Farrell deserves a bit of time and good to see some green shoots of an actual rugby gane from Ireland …

On the media it’s beyond a joke at this stage how they comment on the game

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Barnet Council have frozen any further payments on a £23m loan to the owners of Saracens’ stadium (Saracens Copthall LLP) earmarked for stadium redevelopment. £3.2m of the loan has already been accessed yet building work has yet to commence.

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Blow for England, they’re already not going all that well albeit both games away from home to date

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Misses England games as he has to return home … to Tonga … for family reasons. International rugby huh …

Hope he gets back in with all the little Englanders flying about the place.

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dont understand that, surely the criteria for the redevelopment of the ground has nothing to do with the way the players are being paid?

Maybe I am being too cynical but I think the council are concerned as to why £3.2m has so far been drawn down without a sod being turned. I appreciate that a lot of money is required for planning, design, etc.

I can feel a hiding coming on.

You should stop visiting her so…