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Will sexton retire now? He’s considered less valuable than Russell and Biggar at this stage according to gatland so what hopes has he of playing WC in 2023 aged 57 or whatever he will be by then

You’d imagine it’s his injuries that Gatland was worried about more then ability.

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I’d say he’ll go into coaching. I think he will make a very good coach as well.

Good for Ireland that Ryan n Ringrose stay at home
And get rest …… less Irish on it the better …. Schedules are crazy so no need for our lads to be wasting energy on a bygone concept of touring…. Why anyone would celebrate 4 nations defeating one is beyond me

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The selections make perfect sense based Gatlands style of play no??

I know people who have been doing that since 1690.


Yep. Serious pace/power of the base of the ruck and a bulldozer or two through the middle. Just think he’s limited in options at half back and midfield. Not sold on the wings either. Think he’ll double up with Williams and Hogg 14 and 15. Although in Kolbe cuts loose he might go with more pace out wide. Can’t see Watson or VDM coping all the same.

@See_Saw from previous thread. Im interested in it from a sporting point of view only. I’ll watch it from the comfort of my (large) couch with not a red jersey in sight, bar on the TV. I’d never go and support it, similar to aforementioned Ryder Cup. I despise the English at anything they do and am not shy about admitting it. Don’t have same animosity towards the others, maybe from living with them in Oz and Nz. It’s a decent few weeks entertainment and yes arguing over selection is a bit of craic.


I think it’s a great concept drawing players of different ethnicities and languages together to defeat a bunch of wankers. Go on the Boks…




Reckon Gatland just loves taking our heroes down )))))))……

Was at eight of the ten games in 2001 when they toured Australia, including the infamous O’Gara getting battered by Duncan McCrae match. An 8pm kick off on a Saturday evening giving the 40,000 spectators a real run at drinking before the match led to probably the most aggressive atmosphere I’ve every experienced at a rugby match. Must have been a 50/50 split between home and away fans. The fisticuffs weren’t confined to the pitch either. Quite a few supporters escorted from their seats by the local plod.

He said only a month or so ago that the aim was to play in the next World Cup… hard to see that happening at this stage unfortunately

Very unlikely. Joey and Casey the half backs I’d say.

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Have great admiration for Johnny but feel he needs to face reality that 2023 is a bridge too far and he needs to take care of his health

Think Farrell shud be brave like Gatland and also face reality and allow the replacements for Johnny fight it out for next 2 years … if he is serious about 2023 it just defies logic not to do so

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He seems to know how to get the best out of the players around him so hopefully that would translate into coaching roles. Potentially an ireland coach bringing on the like of carbery and the two byrnes who he would know well anyway

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Has Simmons played for England? Or is he uncapped?

From snippets which could be all bullshit I heard, dealing with less talented players would shall we say not be s strong point. Hard to be a coach IF that is the truth.

I have heard 2 international peers describe him as an ignorant ■■■■ but again that could be personality clash