Appears though Fosters position is being watered down . He didn’t select half his coaching ticket now

You’d expect serious input from the new forwards coach and JS after the rugby championship

However a few defeats to SA and I think Foster be gone too

Foster couldn’t give a XXXX

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There’s also a thing here where alot of people have gone luke warm on the ABs the past few years, a widespread disdain for the huge money taking over and making the national and franchise level disconnected from the rest. And that’s even with some franchise players still playing for the amateur club teams at times


about Australian beer?

Boks and NZ on this afternoon 16:05


Nil te nil after 5 minutes, says Philip Greene

16-3 to SA at 65 mins

Boks down to 14

Horrible collision . Deserved red Only 5 minutes left

Worst all black team ever

Foster surely on his way out after this . Kind of puts Ireland’s win in perspective

SA brutally effective but not great to watch


Finished 26-10 to SA

Foster surely getting his P45 after next weeks game regardless of the result

Total shambles

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You see the ref when dishing out the red card? He couldn’t find the guy to send off. It had to be pointed out to him the guy was behind him & unconscious with 4 or 5 medics working on him …… not exactly hard to miss.

Red definitely the right decision by the way.

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Argies putting it up to the Ozzies. Penalty try for Australia (coupled with a yellow card) gets Australia back to within two points. 17 minutes to go.

Was wondering how long til you came out with that.
But you never said Ireland being poor in the past put NZ’s wins into perspective. A team can only win, especially when a long way from home against a formidable tradition and talented players, plus already 1-0 down.
The Goys have been consistently very good at least under Farrell, that’s clear to see.
And unlike SA they didn’t resort to kicking to kill off the game. Unlike the old days Ireland are scoring tries. What more do they have to do in games?
World Cup is another year’s work


But you agree by New Zealand’s standards this is a very poorly coached side

I did watch the game against SA and New Zealand were embarrassingly poor

Ranked number 5 in the world I’d say

Yes but Ireland used to be brutal but nobody ever used that to play down AB’s performances against us. We also beat them during the latter part of their best ever years…

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Ireland havent been brutal since 99 though

Ireland are a good side most years and a very good side sometimes

Ireland are probably the best international team to watch right now.

SA are not pretty to watch but so effective

Ourselves et les Frenchies