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No sign of his fellow interin friend Monica ?

Hard to believe Stephen Jones is Welsh ,LOVES English rugby.


Yeh I don’t know what it is with him, always found him hard to like, just that generally boorish ruggeryness for starters.

England have been brutal for the past 3 and a half years, and were not exactly great before that. NZ made them a world force by imploding in that WC semi-final. It was freakish. Ireland’s abject effort Vs NZ in the Qtr final absolutely set them up for the ambush.
The result in the final and the results of the previous 6N said more about England’s true level.

Reaching that final meant everyone who had been falsely rating them higher than they deserved in the preceding years felt justified and continued to wrongly rate them, but it was even more false than their previous standing.

By the by Ireland’s overall 6N win stats are phenomenally consistent. Think we’re 4 wins ahead of the Cockerels and one ahead of the Chariots. We’re well ahead of Wales despite them winning more Slams.

he claps like a king would do. bravo chaps. bravo.

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2016 grand slam champions .
2017 6 nations champions
Won 14 test matches in a row including all their games in a calendar season
Got to a World Cup final in 2019 beating NZ on the way

Lot of misinformation on that England team . Was a fine team in that period. They simply haven’t had the replacements and they are past their best

If Ireland did the above they’d be geniuses

To be fair to Leo (I need a shower after saying that), the person filming that is the sadder of the 2 individuals, imho of course. Sad indictment of the world today really.


There isn’t misinformation unless you mean how they’ve been talked up for years more than they deserved. They were widely forecast here and elsewhere as likely to dominate in the 6N and win the WC in the years following the appointment of Lancaster & especially of Jones.
They certainly had plenty of talented players and are always full of physicality. They also always believe they’re going to beat anyone, so don’t lose games to the reputations of other nations like Ireland had often done over the years. England also always have much the bigger playing pool to deal with championship tournaments.
Ireland would’ve given SA a better game in that final. Wales were much closer to beating them than England, Wales also battered Eng in the 6N more than once around that era.
Nobody was forecasting Wales to dominate during that era. But they were clearly better than England for much of it, and Ireland were right up there with England, actually winning one more 6N championship.

Clearly knew there was somebody blatantly filming him there too I’d say.


Total misinformation you can’t argue with the facts

4 years under Jones they were an excellent side and no amount of English dislike or other nonsense can talk down their results from 2016 to 2019.

After that they’ve been a poor side

Where are the Mods? In the old days you’d be banned for less!


Such a disappointing article given some of his former team mates are suffering with concussion problems

It was a clear red . Did it spoil the game - absolutely as it’s nearly impossible to win a rugby game with 14 men

But you either have rules or you don’t .


Only dementia might be more accurate.
Seething at George’s late shot at Doris’ head. Doris received treatment on the pitch. ITV coverage appeared to not even mention the incident.

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I am not disagreeing with your points. I just wondered what Smith would be thinking, having been selected as back up outhalf and then to witness the Medieval way that England tried to score late on.

It’s pretty agricultural all right but England are literally at ground zero. Not sure if they are in a place to run fancy back line moves

Is it much different when Ireland drive from a lineout maul . That’s pretty agricultural too but very efficient

England kept the ball in play yesterday and Ireland didn’t have so much set piece because of it . France will definitely have noted that. Hansen is not a good kicker of the ball either .

Keenan, Lowe and Sexton all made uncharacteristic kicking mistakes when clearing their lines yesterday.

On the mauling, Ireland maul to suck a defence in narrower and then look to strike off the maul. England look on the maul as a way of scoring with no other options considered off it.

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Was disappointing performance yesterday by our own standards but all that really mattered was the win and we got that. England have to be one of the most negative rugby teams out there and their style of play; Plan A = kick the leather off the ball, Plan B = kick the leather off the ball and Plan C = go back to Plan A in the event that B doesn’t work!

We were a bit nervous and mistakes were leading to more mistakes. That plus much harder to play our game starting from deep in our own half. They fought and defended well but had nothing to offer with ball. Eventually with the extra man we got there. You learn and move on.

One thing said to me at minor football match earlier by someone who was at the game was that England were hitting late all through the match. You only get to see bits of this watching on tv. Ref didn’t deal with this properly at all. Particularly after the red card which was a deserved red going by the rules.

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