England were hitting late all through the match.

Late, high, and no arms.
All day long @dirtbirds

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Ursula Jacob doing the Co-commentary.

#dirtbirds, second day in a row

Red all day

Presume its a red card because of outcome and not the tackle itself.

:red_square: without doubt.

:ireland: In control now

You don’t hit a fella that low at that speed without having a firm hold on him.
Being clearly coached into them in my opinion

Is it illegal to hit a player that low at full speed?

It’s certainly dangerous but from my limited Rugby knowledge i think he walked because the Irish lad flipped.

Firm hold required so tackled player lands safely.
I think they’re being coached to hit first and foremost, painting a picture, baloney, of having at least attempted to wrap arms

Good to see McErlean back on the field

Edit, and Ireland were also feckin at it close to our own line with 10 to go

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Think we will have learned a lot mentally from yesterday, not the prettiest win but they will realise that they let occasion get to them and can work on that

Some day and way for Johnny to sign off his 6 nations , the guy is an absolute warrior and for me the best irish player of all time

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Sexton probably the most influential but O Driscoll for me on talent.


It’s not dislike Jack, no amount of offhand dismissive comments can change the fact that this England squad era never really lived up to what was predicted of them by many.
For some years pre-2016 they kept blowing it on the big day against some other team, at best.
They did have some success for a couple of years then.

At that WC if they had got SA in the SFinals they were out. They played a great game against NZ who simply didn’t show up on the day(they were clearly on the wane since the Lions tour here in 17, and subsequent results post-19 proved that, it has been their poorest era probably in decades).

They lost to Ireland in 17, to Scotland & France in 18, and to Wales in 19, whilst only drawing with the Scots. To use your own sort of comment, for a supposedly top side in the world to not beat Scotland two years running spoke volumes.

At the WC they didn’t have to play France in the pool stage due to a typhoon. They got the weakest Australian side in decades in the Qtrs(Ireland beat them in a series down under for the first time ever around then).
They got murdered by SA in the final, who had just stumbled past Wales.

Very good side but clearly nothing more than that, and no amount of discussion avoidant quips will change the facts.
Fact is my point was about them not having lived up to the hype about their players for years leading up to that 16-19 period, and they didn’t.

Well done the young fellas

Virgin have us getting 7 bonus points … not actually possibly when you win all your games. :roll_eyes:

Brian Gleeson is one for the future.

Some unit.

winning a grand slam gets an extra 3 points in the table to stop situation occuring of a team winning a grand slam and not winning the title ie a side winning all 5 games without a try bonus so get 20 points (5x4) and the runner up winning 4 games with a bonus (4x5) and getting a losing bonus so would be ahead of them


There’s extra bonus points for a grand slam to ensure you win the championship.

You could win your 5 games without bonus points and only finish on 20, while you could also win 4 games with bonus points and finish on 20. Hence extra grand slam bonus points


Thanks folks - wasn’t aware of that at all.

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They do have a sense of humour….



N’fheadar :roll_eyes:

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