Just keep the ball in the pack and play Warrenball

Kvagga Smith, backrow, a former sevens player of quality. I think its daft myself.

7-1 split on the bench. Read couple of articles few weeks back after SA did this vs NZ and the commentary was somehow this was both dangerous and immoral! Don’t have any particular issue myself. Erasmus can put 8 of whatever he wants on the bench. Leaves SA very exposed in the event they lose a couple of backs during the game or one of them has poor game.

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Certainly nothing against it in the rules so they can name whoever on the bench, but as you say it leaves 9-15 very exposed for cover, particularly if they pick up something like a hia

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Seems a bit mad. What did they have in last World Cup when they had a bomb squad - 6 - 2 split ?


Think so, but couldn’t be certain. It used to be that a 5/3 split was the norm and a 6/2 split was the talking point, but that’s becoming regular over the last few years.

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Yeah all songs are made up, but this was commissioned and I’d imagine with certain conditions regarding the lyrics, so when I said it was makey up, I really meant it most likely doesn’t reflect the writers emotions or expression, he just made up something that would fit the requirements IMO .

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Commissioned by Stock Aitken & Waterman.

Wouldn’t be surprised if a last minute injury crops up for SA and he reverts to 6-2… it’s a high wire risk and I have feeling it will backfire at some stage in the tournament

Rassie is an interesting character but is he getting a bit sucked in by wanting to be in the headlines … SA give me impression of been perhaps a bit over confident and arrogant

Farrell is a clever operator so imagine he has a few tricks up his sleeve

he said she really wanted to be part of the derry backroom team to give mickey a dig out

Unlike a lot of her players who would be averse to Mickey


Though they may well have empathy towards mickey-digging.

It’s a dreadful load of rubbish! There used to be a series of books back in the noughtues called Computers for Dummies or Internet for Dummies! This is most definitely the Anthem for Dummies! It’s actually embarrassing for teams representing Ireland to have to sing it! Particularly after listening to the Welsh / Italian / French anthems!


Good opportunity for Uruguay here. Level scores and the Italians currently down to 13 men

Didn’t he compose congratulations also !!!

That’s a super drop goal from Uruguay just about over. Uruguay 17-7 up at HT

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Remarkable the way rugby player’s understand the rules of the game in detail.

GAA players should take a leaf out of their book.


:yellow_square: card really hurting :uruguay:
Italy :it: lead 21-17

I don’t think that was a try

Was it worth a try?