Rule change

I find the modern game very frustrating to watch, the amount of hand passing in particular and watching teams go past the 45 metre line and turn back and passs the ball back. I know there have been experimental rule changes in the league, but I think if a team goes over the 45 metre line they must not be allowed to play the ball back either try to pass the ball or kick in the square, the counter argument would be that this could suit a blanket defence. But we may see more attempts at point scoring and create more turnovers which could open up the game, also abolish the foot block rule as I saw at least 2 infringements in matches last week and no penalties awarded, also the square ball rule pointless in the modern game.

Would change it thay you must have a minimum of 3 players in the opposition half.

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Teams putting 15 bodies behind the ball is the major issues.

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I can see merit the reasoning behind it, however abolishing the foot block is not a good idea even if its been missed over and over again.

Not being able to pass back after crossing the 45m will just lead to blanket defence when not in possession.

Agree fully that gaelic is just too predictable nowadays regards style of play at all levels.

Team in possession race towards oppositions 20m, then flute around for about 10 passes and either overturned, a shot or free. Whats more frustrating is lads can easily kick a free from the 45m so why the intent to literally walk it into the 13m or 20m and then shoot.

What we have now is a game of turnovers and score = less chance of losing, id much rather more chance of winning mentality. There was a stat somewhere about sean boylans meath team. The long ball in worked 50% of the time, when it did meath scored everytime. Something to consider.

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Was thinking about that last night when Dublin were 5 up, it was clear Derry wanted them to kick the ball in or take a pot shot, it is a % game and more times than not the backs will win the ball in or the pot shot will go wide or drop short, so in most cases you are just coughing up possesion

Really think this is the obvious and most easily enforced change at all levels.

Interesting but would just lead to exactly that. 6 players in one half. Everyone else in the other, then reverse it when posession changes.

Theres no obvious fix at moment due to bastardisation of rule changes at congress.

Golden opourtunity a good few congresses ago, but votes didnt get many changes over the line.

3 lads standing on the halfway line will stop a goal keeper from straying too far. It would shift the defensive line higher up - then the risk of turn over will be punished.

Might not be the answer.

Only other thing would be 4 points for a goal and 2 points for kick over the bar from outside the 45

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The sentiments are good but does the 3 incl goalkeeper?

Theres tendencies in gaa to go with a ruke chamge and then realise that ot has either a knock on affect on anktjer or simply unmanageable, definitely worth conversations though.

The idea of extra points from sidelines etc was muted before…and buried.

Would leave it as 3 outfield players - the keeper can still wander but can get caught out.

Look any change will have implications and coaches then trying change formation to suit them and we could be back having the same chat

It’s the best suggestion in theory but I wholeheartedly disagree that it is easily enforced. If the ball is within 25m of one teams goal line the referee should be no more than 30-35m of that same goal line. How is that referee, probably facing away from the halfway line, supposed to ensure that the defending team has at least 3 players in the opposition’s half?

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Have to say I enjoyed both the Tyrone Kerry and Rossies Maigh Eo today. 4 teams atleast trying to play football. Maith thĂş


The game changing new rule regarding shaking the posts comes in this weekend. Basically if you are a Mayo player and Conor Lane awards you yet another 14 yard free that hits the corner flag but a Dublin player is leaning against the post then you win.

Meanwhile Tommy can still lift Rodney.