Rules in place & changes

What rules are in game(s) that you’d like to see removed/amended?

Attacking Mark got rid off. Kickout Mark kept but time dropped back to etiher 5/10 seconds.

Kickout back to goalkeeper got rid off. Pointless because if an outfield player takes the kickout he can receive the ball back.

Steps - remove the count of 4 and change it to 4 seconds.

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I always thought the pass back was worse in hurling in recent years. Keeper pucking to full back and taking sliotar back.

I think kickout mark is 5 seconds? The forward mark is 15 seconds but definitely get rid of that rule.

Both are 15 secs since the introduction of the attacking mark. Was 5 secs before that

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Limit teams to 5 personal fouls per half. After that, each personal foul is punishable by a free to the opposition inside your own semi-circle.
I would love to see a rule whereby you had to have a minimum number of players inside the opposition’s half of the field but it would be impossible to enforce.

Off the cuff and based on intercounty with the hope they would eventually feed into club.

Introduce Countdown as per ladies

Get rid of all marks. If not then defintely forward mark.
Reduce the 15seconds to 10

10 mins of sin bin means 10mins, currently it means 10 mins incl injury so a player could be down for 9 mins and a minute later black card lad comes on.

Any foul/dissent that would usually mean 13m more advantageous should become 45m up to and incl 13m(f)/20m(h) and yellow carded.

Any footballer not wearing gumshield should be yellow carded immediately. Currently their asked to leave playing area to get it. Pointless excercise and waste of time.

A score directly from a sideline is worth double.

No doubt ill be back with more. I bet yiz cant wait!

Difference in hurling is this was done to drive the ball even longer. In football its a keep ball exercise

Just for myself, what do you mean by personal foul?

I presume you mean in the same way as basketball. After a number of team fouls every foul after that becomes a free throw. Obviously the definition of the fouls here are huge but I think 5 may be too little in 30/35 mins of football which is full on contact. Basketball is in 12 mins and is defined as a non contact sport.

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A pull, a drag - a foul that’s not overcarrying, picking the ball off the ground.

Yes, and maybe 5 fouls is a bit strict. A player trying to “buy” a free should also be penalised and it counted as a personal foul.

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Anyone who shouts how long on a kickout gets a straight red card.


Another job for refs to keep track of number of fouls

And the job is difficult enough already. I was asking to try an understand what @beeko meant. I get the idea and iit isn’t a bad idea jsut hard to track. Basketball has 2 referees and a sidleline ref that keeps track of the fouls called by the referee

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Plus a slap in the teeth from whoever is standing closest to them at the time, even if it’s his own player.

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It’s actually a scourge. GK doesn’t even have the ball on tee and it’s shouted.

Mary’s man might confirm but I’m pretty sure the ref can give a free from wherever it’s shouted from. So if opposing keeper does it it’s 14yard free.

Or the half-way line if it’s Niall Morgan.

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Ref cant award a free for the scenario presented.

Kick out remains as a kickout.

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Fair enough. Could it be classed as jeering a free taker ?

Not really, as its not a free kick. Technicality i know. Same would apply to the award of a 45m you cant move it up no matter what the opposition say or do. But you can issue cards to sort the issue.